WAUSAU Financial Systems Paperless Treasury

Treasury management is one of the most complex operations in any financial institution, requiring multiple approval layers, paper-intensive documentation and disparate onboarding procedures. WAUSAU’s Paperless Treasury solution automates this complex and manual process, allowing your sales and support teams to be more productive by focusing less on paperwork and more on improving the customer experience and generating revenue.

Paperless Treasury frees you from the limitations of paper and enables you to do more business at your client location. The solution enables the use of an iPad to sign agreements or easily fill out template forms while with a client and then wirelessly transmit them to your on-boarding or implementation team.

The Workflow component in Paperless Treasury manages and tracks your setup processes and any exceptions, ensuring your service level agreements are met. Automated email notifications, both to sales and to your customers, along with monitoring dashboards, enhance communication. By eliminating paper, automating tracking, communicating seamlessly between sales and implementation, and using mobile tools, you can reduce your overall setup time, keep your salespeople out in the field longer, and set new standards for your clients’ experience.

WAUSAU’s Paperless Treasury warrants an Innovative Solution Award for the following reasons:

1. Enables banking anywhere by allowing Treasury salespeople to originate and sign documents electronically without a network or cellular connection.

2. Accelerates business by submitting documents and forms electronically while working remotely from a car or coffee shop.

3. Manages communication and approvals between treasury sales and implementation including a tracking dashboard improving relationships.

4. Provides the ability to monitor, alert and report on service level agreement metrics.

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