WebEquity ALLL

WebEquity ALLL automatically collects historical and current data, by loan type, and then applies your subjective criteria to arrive at an accurate reserve calculation for your grouped loan reserve.

The tool uses the three prescribed valuation methods for determining the impaired loan reserve. You can choose the worksheets that suit you best: pre-defined models delivered with the tool or your own organization’s worksheets.

Once it combines your ASC 450 and ASC 310 reserves, WebEquity ALLL allows management to make unlimited adjustments to your overall number, accommodating factors such as unfunded commitments, PD/LGD and others.

Comprehensive ALLL analysis helps you arrive at a justifiable reserve and builds confidence with your board, examiners and auditors.

The unlimited narrative fields allow you to provide a detailed rationale for every aspect of your ALLL provision to the board and examiners.

In addition to supporting your present allowance decisions, trend analyses of your past performance and comparisons with other banks provide a platform on which to substantiate your reserves.

Produced online or distributed as standard PDFs, WebEquity's ALLL provides a complete set of detailed reports to document details about ALLL allowance, loan loss history, summary information, environmental criteria and more.

Four reasons why we should be awarded the Innovative Solutions Award:

1.) Our WebEquity ALLL customers base is growing at a rapid rate.

2.) Regulators expect banks to “develop, maintain and document a comprehensive, systematic and consistently applied ALLL process.” WebEquity ALLL helps you do all this, and more — whether you calculate reserves at the holding company, individual bank/charter or regional levels.

3.) Constantly investing in R&D to grow with the banking market.

4.) Our software allows you to use a tool that helps improve accuracy and reduce the time you spend on determining your quarterly ALLL reserves.

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