Procipient® is the industry’s easiest-to-implement and most advanced SaaS software platform for Enterprise Risk Management and Governance Risk and Compliance, providing pre-built risk hierarchies, risk assessment templates, and workflow structure.

Procipient warrants an Innovative Solution Award because it encompasses the very definition of an “innovative solution.” Procipient’s turnkey features and built-in framework enable users to manage all aspects of enterprise risk with unprecedented insight and success.

The name Procipient itself is derived from the word “percipient,” which means to be perceptive or have a good understanding. The creators of Procipient have extensive banking experience that has forged a deep understanding of the needs within the financial services industry. Procipient provides a professional-level of understanding that will satisfy regulators, auditors, and board members.

Procipient was built to integrate seamlessly with other leading third-party solutions such as VendorInsight® Third Party Risk Management and BCPInsight™ Business Continuity and DR Management, so as not to disrupt a bank’s current processes for these disciplines.

When banks reach a certain capacity, an integrated Governance, Risk, and Compliance program becomes necessary in order to function optimally. Each of these departments generate information that provide insight to the other two, and they have a collective impact on the technology, process, and people of the bank—when approached as silos, the amount of GRC-related requirements simply becomes unmanageable.

As a response, Procipient is pioneering the way banks sync these departments and avoid unnecessary overlap, as the most sophisticated, user-friendly software for consolidating Governance, Risk, and Compliance for maximum efficiency and return.


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