We provide FIs the technology to provide consumer and small business loans with automated application and sound underwriting so they can receive a loan offer in 30 seconds, and fully execute loans and all documents in 3 minutes on a computer or mobile device, with fully integrated marketing leveraging IP address marketing.  All is provided for the FI to implement under their brand, their underwriting for their loans on their balance sheet under their compliance and control.

Key benefits for the FI are:

  1. Improved efficiency – most FIs find it hard to be profitable with small business loans under $50k, yet it is over one-third of their portfolio.  Further, many FIs struggle with consumer loans under $30k with profitability, compliance risks and managing the larger number of adverse actions.  Digital lending solves on these efficiency challenges with fully automated booking of loans and management of adverse actions.
  2. Customer Experience – Our automated loan application requires only a handful of fields and recognizes existing to customers to provide a mobile customers experience of receiving a loan offer in 30 seconds.

RCGiltner Services, Inc.

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