Gemalto Mobile Protector FaceID

Biometrics are currently all the rage in authentication for online banking, mobile banking, e-commerce and mobile payments. Unfortunately, the customer convenience and enhanced security benefits that biometrics bring to the table aren’t fully realized as often as they should be, in large part because the requisite technologies can be extremely difficult for smaller banks to technically integrate and near-impossible to develop in-house.

Gemalto Mobile Protector FaceID goes a step beyond the fingerprint authentication common in iPhones and other modern mobile devices by offering facial recognition as a means to access mobile banking apps or verify e-commerce purchases. The user experience is uncomplicated: The user looks at their mobile device, blinks (for liveness detection to prevent spoofing by taking a picture of a picture) and their identity is verified once FaceID compares the image and facial features to a stored template of the individual.

Perhaps most importantly, Mobile Protector FaceID leverages common mobile device capabilities and is integrated into existing mobile banking and payment apps via a simple API. That means costs and back-end complexity can be kept to a minimum, while eliminating the need for passwords and making login significantly easier for the end user. FaceID can be used in combination to provide stronger two-factor authentication (2FA), which alleviates threats of fraud without creating friction, bolsters consumers’ overall trust in their bank and positively impacts the long-term customer relationship.



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