Gemalto Assurance Hub

Simply put, the Gemalto Assurance Hub combines cutting-edge technologies like big data, machine learning and biometric authentication for stronger online and mobile banking security at banks of all sizes. While regional banks would typically be unable to commit the resources to master and implement the ways in which these emergent technologies could be used for digital security, Gemalto has coalesced its experience and R&D horsepower to harness the technologies and offer them as cost-effective services through the hub model.

Every bank, no matter its size, has a mobile banking strategy in play. The Assurance Hub is all about confirming that the person holding a mobile device is indeed the person who should be allowed to access the online bank account. That’s achieved by processing millions of transactions built from thousands of attributes, followed by real-time analysis of a number of those customer profile and behavior attributes during account login: location, keystroke patterns, device familiarity, how the phone is being held, transaction trends and more. If something seems amiss, different multi-factor authentication requirements are triggered, again in real-time and in accordance with business rules set by the financial institution.

The Assurance Hub fortifies fraud prevention in ways that are wholly invisible and seamless for the end user, while granting the bank complete control via a fraud intelligence console, customization via rules and policies, and integration into mobile banking apps via an API. Flexible, intelligent, rigorous and automated fraud prevention goes a long way toward avoiding the exponential costs associated with account fraud as well as building customers’ long-term trust in their bank.



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