MerchantLinQ makes offering your financing effortless and intuitive. The flexible, web-based application works on any computer, phone or tablet out of the box. Other features include:

  • Available 24/7 – Servicing your merchant and borrowers’ needs around the clock, always at the ready to render a credit decision.
  • Instant Decisions – Serves instant decisions to the customer at the point of sale when connected to your loan system.
  • Branded Experience – Your brand is front and center.  Your logo and your colors, reassuring your local customers and merchants.
  • Adaptable to Any Opportunity – Think local and beyond our core verticals; we can adapt to your unique market opportunities.
  • Intuitive Toolset – Designed with merchants of all shapes and sizes in mind, we make it easy to login, submit apps and complete loans for any user.

LoanStar works with community banks and regional banks to diversify bank’s consumer loan origination strategies. It provides cutting-edge technology to position banks at the front of the line at local merchants of just about any kind to provide instant consumer loans.

The company’s team provides consulting around how to build effective point-of-sale lending programs. LoanStar also helps banks to drive new merchant relationships to help them reach their goals

In a nutshell, LoanStar helps banks do what they have wanted to do for a generation: participate in non-auto lending outside of their brick and mortar branch network by positioning their brand at the point-of-sale.

Better local credit decisions are very attractive to merchants and consumers. By deploying our solution, banks defend against large banks like Wells Fargo poaching their existing core customers and provides a strategic and profitable method of attracting new borrowers and would be core banking customers to their bank.

LoanStar Technologies


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