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In early 2017, Docutech officially introduced its all-new eSignature solution, Solex™, a comprehensive, all-in-one eSign solution enabling eDelivery and eSignature anytime, anywhere, from any device. In addition, document delivery and signatures can be executed digitally to accelerate the process, streamline operations, and improve overall compliance, security and customer experience.

Designed to support institutions leading the way into the new Digital Mortgage age, Solex integrates directly with Docutech’s dynamic document generation engine, ConformX, to support greater operational efficiency and seamless workflows. Beyond internal efficiencies, the technology powering Solex was developed to assist institutions in better meeting the needs of today’s customers, specifically as convenience and instant access have become expected of any company they do business with. By enabling lenders to transfer document signing to a digital setting, Solex can significantly enhance customer experience in a number of ways to make the process quicker and more convenient.

Key reasons Docutech’s Solex solution deserves an Innovative Solutions Award:

  1. Unlike other eSign technologies with limited integration and a reliance on third-party platforms, Solex is a comprehensive, one stop shop for document delivery and signatures.
  2. When designing Solex, Docutech looked at increasing consumer adoption in the mobile space and created an eSign solution that supports unparalleled mobile functionality for users to review and sign documents across all tablet and smartphone platforms.
  3. With compliance and security remaining as the leading areas of focus across the industry, Solex has made it easy for institutions to maintain a constant audit log of signatures and documents across all package types and events. Additionally, Solex supports key features, such as two-factor authentication, single-sign-on, full disaster recovery and failover print fulfillment to ensure optimal security.
  4. Above all else, Docutech’s introduction of Solex has brought the industry one step closer to a fully digitized lending process.


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