On-Point Forensic Platform

Developed to meet current forensic readiness requirements placed on financial institutions, the On-Point Forensic Platform is like having a digital forensics expert on staff and ready to go.

The regulatory push to pre-prepare for cybersecurity incident response is growing, and many organizations are struggling to fill the gap.

Traditionally, organizations have forensic retainers with information security firms to assist in cybersecurity incident response readiness.  These retainers are designed to provide a clear path in an incident response plan, and “speed up” the response times for forensic investors; however, there is typically a (too) long time gap between you needing help, and help showing up.  In an incident, the quicker a forensic expert can get to work, the better for you.

The On-Point Forensic Platform provides a 24/7/365 onsite, pre-deployed, forensic platform allowing 10-D Security engineers to immediately respond to any suspected cybersecurity event.  This allows institutions to fill the gap in cybersecurity readiness needs and requirements.

In other words, On-Point Forensic Platform is a pre-staged toolkit that allows forensic experts to fully respond at a moment’s notice, taking the wait time out of the equation.  In addition, the On-Point Forensic Platform pre-stages agents throughout an organizations infrastructure which allows for a quick and efficient search of all systems for known indicators of compromise.

With On-Point Forensic Platform, you can have a forensics expert working on your incident before a traditional consultant could even buy a plane ticket.

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