CSI Mobile Business Banking App

In an effort to better address growing demand for mobile banking services tailored to business accounts, CSI launched its new mobile business banking application, which provides a more robust technology platform for business owners to easily manage key financial tasks on any mobile device.

On top of such standard mobile functionality as remote deposit capture and money transfers, the Mobile Business Banking App offers an intuitive dashboard interface for businesses to efficiently manage ACH transactions, wires, Positive Pay exceptions and tax payments in the queue for approval. And in order to maintain optimal security, the mobile app employs both advanced login controls like out-of-band authentication and fraud anomaly detection as it evaluates each customer interaction across all banking channels.

The app is built on the same platform powering CSI’s entire digital banking suite, allowing banks to provide the most seamless, real-time and integrated experience to the end user. This also enables banks to utilize a single admin portal for managing all digital banking solutions. CSI’s digital banking solutions also are directly integrated into CSI’s core banking systems, ensuring that data is updated immediately and accurately across all banking channels.

Key reasons CSI deserves an Innovative Solutions Award:

  1. The app further strengthens the bank’s relationship with its business accounts, allowing them to deepen the relationship and expand their commercial portfolio.
  2. The app enables businesses to operate more efficiently by enabling them to manage their finances on mobile devices, at times convenient for the business owner.
  3. CSI’s mobile banking technology remains as a key pillar of the company’s strategy to deliver fully integrated solutions in order to create an omnichannel experience for banks and their customers.
  4. The app’s integration with all other digital solutions and core applications allow banks to better leverage data availability and accuracy.


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