TC Complete

TC Complete™ is ThreatConnect’s flagship product and the industry’s first security operations and analytics platform, allowing organizations to run their security operations center with high efficiency and effectiveness. With TC Complete, organizations can understand adversaries, orchestrate security processes, analyze data, proactively hunt, and mitigate threats faster in one central place. Built on the ThreatConnect Platform, it arms organizations with a powerful defense against cyber threats and provides the confidence that security actions and decisions are based on relevant threat intelligence.

Features include:

  • Informed decision-making – TC Complete enables organizations to make informed strategic and tactical decisions based on the power of threat intelligence. The platform aggregates and normalizes threat data from any source and provides context behind the data; delivering a full picture which enables organizations to take more confident action.
  • Automation – With TC Complete, organizations have the ability to automate part or all of their processes for managing threats, including sending indicators to defensive tools for alerting or blocking, or looping in a team member to perform manual tasks. ThreatConnect’s orchestration capabilities allow for more focused and effective response to threats – all without having to expand a security team or buy more tools.
  • Maximized efficiency – Cybersecurity teams receive thousands of alerts each day and everything that contains information about a threat, from an email to a .txt file, is a valuable resource. TC Complete aggregates an organization’s threat data in one place, reducing tasks from hours to seconds, and allowing organizations to mitigate threats faster.
  • Tailored solutions – All of our products are built on the ThreatConnect Platform, so we adapt with organizations as they grow. TC Complete allows organizations to configure the platform to its exact needs – from customizing indicators and rules to creating private communities for secure, role-based collaboration.


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