BaZing is a rewards-based mobile app delivering benefits that add value to bank customers’ lives, now including access to over 360,000 local discounts nationwide and growing, cell phone protection, roadside assistance, identity theft protection and much more. White labeled to reflect each bank’s brand, the app uses its expansive geofenced merchant network to deliver location-based and user-managed push notifications directly to customers’ phones when there’s a nearby deal. BaZing also includes BaZing Local, a local merchant acquisition program, which partners with bankers to offer small business customers and other popular local merchants the opportunity to feature a discount in the BaZing app at no cost to the small business merchant other than the cost of the discount.

BaZing warrants an Innovative Solutions Award because:

  • BaZing enables banks to extend their relevancy to customers beyond basic interactions inside a branch or traditional banking transactions in mobile banking. Enhanced non-traditional services and benefits enrich their customers’ day-to-day lives, and user-friendly, location-based push notifications of money-saving discounts actively remind customers of the value their bank is providing.
  • Banks generate significant customer-friendly, recurring fee income (on average, $1 million annually per every $2.5 billion in assets). With a value-driven purpose underwriting this fee income strategy, on average 26% of total retail checking customers choose to pay a monthly fee for their checking accounts.
  • Providing a local merchant the ability to provide a discount in the app is effectively free marketing to local merchants to help grow their businesses and is a money-saving opportunity for customers when they spend locally on everyday items.
  • BaZing includes advanced notification settings, allowing customers greater control over when and where they receive notifications. This feature ensures that customers can capitalize on valuable discounts while always enjoying a personalized experience suited to their unique notification preferences.


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