360 View

360 View is The Growth Platform developed for banks and credit unions, providing all the tools necessary to maximize your team’s performance. Our solution goes beyond CRM, allowing you to manage tasks, track goals and incentives, and get insight into profitability, all while providing richer relational experiences that are personalized to every customer’s unique needs. Through comprehensive customer profiles, real-time reporting, marketing automation and data-driven insights, we empower growth for financial institutions.

1. Built with Financial Institutions in Mind

Finding a technology platform that empowers financial institutions to grow is surprisingly difficult. Our team discovered this when a client requested help finding a relationship management tool targeted at the financial industry — but no options existed. That’s why we created a tool designed to meet their specific needs.

2. Emphasizes User Interface & Usability

360 View has a sophisticated user interface, built with Google Material’s framework, which puts it at the forefront of application design. Our intuitive and friendly interface feels at home among other favorite consumer applications like Spotify and Instagram. This makes it easy for people to adopt the technology, learn it, and use it to help their bank grow.

3. Offers Customization for Each Institution

Our customizable platform allows users to tailor 360 View to adapt to their unique workflows and processes, unlike other technology solutions that force a one-size-fits-all approach on their users. Custom dashboards, flexible reporting, build-your-own-marketing programs, and more give clients endless possibilities for how they can apply the technology to their institution.

4. Provides Strategic Data-Driven Insight

360 View doesn’t just provide insights across one function of the bank. It breaks down silos and facilitates collaboration by integrating marketing automation, goals and incentives, profitability and CRM into a single platform to empower growth for financial institutions.

360 View

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