Built for Bankers, by Bankers 

While most intranets are capable of helping organizations centralize and manage information, Banc Intranets’ BancWorks is the only intranet that is developed specifically to meet any size financial institutions’ unique needs and challenges. An effective internal communication and collaboration tool, BancWorks allows employees to easily access bank policies and procedures, product and service information and eliminates duplicity and redundancy. As a result, the use of outdated forms or information is no longer an issue, providing employees with only the most up-to-date resources in their daily tasks. For management, BancWorks securely stores personnel files, assists with onboarding and supports employee training efforts by helping department heads track the status and completion of ongoing learning and testing. BancWorks’ administrative access controls also provide the highest level of information security.

Helping Bankers See What They Save

Earlier this year, BancWorks was enhanced with an industry first: an analytics module that converts its operational efficiencies into total dollars saved, revealing the return on investment for bankers. With the ROI functionality, management evaluates which components of the system (news, blogs, security policies, training materials, etc.) are used more or less frequently and assign a dollar value, accordingly. Once values are entered, BancWorks calculates the hourly, daily and monthly ROI of the intranet, providing charts and graphs that illustrate the realized costs savings of employees’ use of the system.

Why BancWorks Deserves the Innovative Solutions Award

  • It is a bank-specific intranet;
  • It centralizes information for departments across branch networks of any size, while keeping everyone connected;
  • It allows banks to quantify the ROI of their technology investment, adding a dimension of accountability;
  • It strengthens employee training and testing performance and oversight;
  • It enhances the M&A process by streamlining the joining of separate infrastructures.

Banc Intranets

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