Commercial Center Security

Cybersecurity issues have increased over the past few years. These breaches have been estimated to cost billions of dollars for businesses across the globe. In one estimate, the average cost of a breach is approximately four million dollars.

As businesses embrace technology as the foundation for doing business, a layered security program is paramount. Commercial Center: Security (CCS) is an important component of our multi-pillar security defense strategy. CCS reduces a customer’s exposure to risk and fraud by only allowing users to access web sites via secured single sign-on. As using the browser prevents the user from accessing unauthorized web sites, CCS is an effective prevention tactic to keep malware invasion and other cyber-attacks from succeeding.

  • CCS provides a next-generation, hardened secure browser that prevents malicious malware and cyberattacks by preventing attackers from infiltrating a web session
  • CCS provides a rich user interface that enhances the customer experience and provides a rich marketing platform for the financial institution marketing
  • Provides a layered approach to security; includes security tokens and multi-factor authentication
  • Provides built in malware protection and protection via keyboard and data protection


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