Q2 SMART is a next-generation data analytics engine that utilizes statistical analysis, collaborative filtering and machine learning to identify behavioral “traits” among account holders that help financial institutions anticipate customer needs and engage account holders with better, more fitting product recommendations. Q2 SMART delivers those personalized recommendations based on customer data already available to a financial institution—including device details and login information, transaction histories, payment behaviors and more—similar to how video streaming and shopping services recommend content or products based on prior behavior or on similar products other customers purchased.

Q2 SMART can visualize data, recommend marketing campaigns and create customized opportunities for specific segments of customers and more through a simple interface so that a banking executive with little IT expertise can make informed decisions about real customer needs.

Features include:

  1. Q2 SMART offers a multichannel approach to behavioral targeting that allows FIs to target multiple customer touchpoints based on actual account holder behavior, making it easier for FIs to create new custom campaigns, conversations and offers based on specific user behaviors rather than by demographic.
  2. Q2 SMART uses in-house machine learning methods to determine which products an account holder is more likely to adopt based on user and item similarity, which defined nearness among both products and customers (i.e. two users are considered similar if they purchase many of the same products, and two products are considered similar if users purchase them together).
  3. Q2 SMART integrates seamlessly into the Q2 platform, presenting behavioral data in clear metrics, graphs and charts that are updated daily and which are easily understood through an intuitive user interface.
  4. Q2 SMART drives institutional growth by using data as a competitive advantage, delivering the most relevant and customized message possible to the right customer at the right time without placing additional burden on IT, marketing or other FI resources.

Q2 Holdings, Inc.

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