Q2 Patrol

Q2 Patrol is an event-driven validation product designed to mitigate high-risk, non-transactional fraudulent activity. Many cases of illegal digital banking activity involve fraudulent sessions before a transaction ever occurs. Q2 Patrol prevents fraudsters from completing those actions—including changes to security preferences or addresses, updates to user profiles, authorization of external transfers and changes to alert settings—that serve as indicators for future fraudulent transactions. Q2 Patrol utilizes machine learning to identify those non-transactional digital banking sessions, analyzing past login behavior and device details, including IP addresses, geolocation, device type, time stamps and more to create a digital footprint for each end user. If Q2 Patrol detects an anomaly in a real-time digital banking session based on past user behavior, it will require the end user to authenticate that action via a token or secure access code.

Q2 Patrol adds an additional layer of proactive security monitoring that enables financial institutions to better understand their customers’ risk levels while similarly empowering end users to take a bigger role in their account security without sacrificing convenience.

Q2 Patrol:

  1. Protects end users by requiring them to further authenticate a digital banking session if that session is deemed suspect based on abnormal behavioral login and device detail.
  2. Provides regular reporting to FIs for regulatory compliance and risk reduction.
  3. Supplies session details in the user interface to better involve customers in their own account security.
  4. Adds an additional layer of security without sacrificing convenience for the end user.

Q2 Patrol is a member of the Q2 Secure product suite and operates in conjunction with but separately from Q2 Sentinel—formerly known as Q2 Risk and Fraud Analytics—which identifies fraudulent transactions in near-real time.

Q2 Holdings, Inc.

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