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Composer CMS was designed and developed with input from Q2 customers. It’s driven by the need to have a simple, scalable and technologically-adaptive content management system that can be accessed across multiple devices. In essence, Composer is built for innovation—to grow with an FI’s brand strategy, and easily adapt to industry and account holder demands as technology and devices evolve.

Composer CMS offers responsive design tools to build and deliver an incredible and cohesive online experience across all devices. Responsive design ensures an FI’s website works throughout the digital channel, automatically optimizing their brand messaging for any screen.

Features and benefits include:

  1. A wide variety of design options, styles navigation, content and adminitrative tools;
  2. A consistent, effective brand impact for an FI’s website across virtually any device;
  3. Flexible, compliance-ready modules that provide a wide range of functionality to support an institution’s unique value proposition;
  4. Easily managed and scalable sites, designed to adapt to new features and technology.

Q2 also believes the digital banking experience should be unified, simple and intuitive—regardless of whether the end user has a disability—as a means of properly maintaining their financial health. The web services team can assist in an FI’s efforts to provide an accessible experience and work with them to develop a site with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 conformance criteria in mind.

Accessibility improvements are currently centered on keyboard accessibility, visual focus and contextual awareness, specifically:

  • Color and contrast;
  • Size and scale;
  • Navigation and controls;
  • Readability and alt text;
  • Visible focus and order.

While Q2 is not able to certify or declare a website WCAG-compliant, the company offers its clients several consulting options and various degrees of assistance in design and web development, including Composer CMS, for WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

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