The Conversation Hub

For banks, the emergence of the omnichannel means that customer conversations are happening everywhere. Whether face-to-face, voice-to-voice, through mobile or digital, the number of complex conversations is rapidly increasing and for banks, the ability to connect through conversation is critical to optimizing every opportunity and delivering outstanding customer experiences. The problem? Until now, bank leadership hasn’t been able to see if frontline staff was having effective, naturally flowing conversations every time with customers.

Econiq is a conversation behavior intelligence company and provider of The Conversation Hub®, a solution that simplifies high-value complex conversations for banks’ frontline employees and provides executive leadership with complete visibility into these conversations. The Conversation Hub connects with any system and snaps-on to conversation behaviours in real-time across all channels. Once analysed, the information is used to craft a color-coded pathway for frontline employees to follow through each conversation, maximizing productivity, compliance, revenue and the customer experience. The Conversation Hub also provides executives with a Conversation Intelligence Picture, a color-coded visualization of actionable insights into customers, competitors, products and markets. These insights serve as a transformation program by improving the performance of frontline employees, bringing the organization to conversation excellence.

The most recent enhancement – The Hub Crafter – revolutionizes how bankers apply this complex conversation intelligence. The innovation compiles the actionable insights gathered from conversations and allows bank leaders to quickly craft conversations, without disrupting operations and without additional IT support.

Why The Conversation Hub deserves the award:

  • Using color-coded, crafted conversations, it guides and supports employees as they engage customers in the omnichannel;
  • It models conversations from the behaviours of top-performing employees, optimizing the performance of all frontline employees;
  • It delivers a unique conversation intelligence stream for continuous business and employee improvement more effectively than training and coaching specialists and management consulting companies.


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