Verint Robotic Process Automation

Verint® Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comprises software robots that can automatically execute high-volumes of time-consuming business processes using desktop applications and back-end systems.

These robots don’t replace the human workforce, but instead tackle some of their tedious manual work; the robots can rapidly process high volumes of repetitive, manual tasks such as data entry for customer address or profile updates and account changes. Employees are freed up to work on more strategic, customer-facing projects, creating the potential to build new skills for a better, long-term career path while improving employee engagement and retention.

Several benefits of Verint RPA make it worthy of an Innovative Solutions Award, including:

Increased productivity – the software robots can work 24/7, increasing productivity by not needing breaks or holidays. They can also handle high volumes of back-office work during peak periods, completing more activities in less time.

Reduced operational costs – RPA allows employees to spend less time on mundane, repetitive tasks and decreases outsourced workforce expenses. Time and resources can be maximized by leveraging software robots to do this work.

Reduced errors and improved quality – Monotonous tasks can reduce employee focus, leading to errors. RPA executes tasks exactly as scripted, improving overall quality and accuracy.  Businesses save significant time and money by eliminating the need to do “rework,” improving the customer experience.

Improved compliance – RPA can help reduce regulatory risk by automating processes in accordance with strict industry or government requirements. This helps businesses adhere to compliance standards and better manage risk.
Improved security and data privacy – RPA helps to maintain a secure environment by using robots rather than employees to process sensitive tasks or handle confidential information.

RPA offers many benefits to employees, companies and customers, including improved productivity, reduced costs, higher quality and better compliance and security.

Verint Systems, Inc.

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