Cash Cycle Optimizer®

Diebold Nixdorf’s Cash Cycle Optimizer® (CCO) simplifies cash handling and allows banks to better plan and monitor the cash supply across their branch and store networks. Our solution controls, optimizes and monitors cashpoints to analyze cash stocks and deployment of the cash-in-transit (CIT) services. Overall, this solution can increase a bank’s savings by an average of 20%–often $800-$1,000 per ATM per year.

Enables data-driven decisions: Forward-looking business decisions require a bank to be proactive, however current technology complicates the process, and manual spreadsheets are open to human error. CCO offers the flexibility to consider multiple parameters (average cash usage, peak times, CIT capacity, labor costs, fuel prices and interest costs), allowing banks to use past data to make future decisions.

Controls cash management costs: Cash Cycle Optimizer helps banks better plan and track their cash supply chain by controlling cashpoints. It predicts cash requirements with advanced forecasting algorithms using the systems’ history and computes optimal replenishment cycles based on patented optimization technology. CCO stores data to automate the cash ordering and documentation processes and this reduces management costs and unplanned cash orders.

Manages the complex equation of recyclers: Right now, banks keep cash recycling machines full, hindering consumers from depositing new cash— defeating the purpose of having recyclers installed. CCO brings cash recycler investments to life by forecasting the optimal amount of cash for each machine and the frequency of replenishment. No other known solution comes with such proven experience.

Optimizes CIT services: Inability to consider factors like truck-load capacity, replenishment frequency or number of stops while planning for CIT routes, leads to an increase in costs, cash replenishment inefficiency and risk of cash-outs. Cash can be tracked by integrating devices to ensure that vehicles are carrying the right load and optimizing route execution.

Diebold Nixdorf

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