ProfitStars’ Gladiator Virtual Information Security Officer

In the current cybersecurity environment, it can be difficult for regional and community banks to find the level of information security expertise necessary to meet ever-changing regulatory, compliance, and business-driven demands. Even when potential employees with the appropriate certifications and experience are recruited, it is often difficult and expensive to maintain their employment. Gladiator® Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO) provides financial institutions on-demand access to Gladiator certified experts with the knowledge and experience to help them develop, implement, and maintain a scalable information security program.

Gladiator vISO includes regular monthly or quarterly meetings with the Gladiator team to prioritize banks’ information security activities, and discuss changes to the security landscape, regulatory concerns, overall security strategy and recommendations on topics to talk over with the board of directors. Seasoned security experts help banks define best security practices on an ongoing basis, helping ensure that proper reviews, reporting and testing are all completed efficiently and on time. This thorough collaboration and planning helps ensure that financial institutions’ operations are in line with their overall risk strategies.

Key reasons ProfitStars’ Gladiator vISO deserves an Innovative Solutions Award:

  • The service facilitates management and execution of required information security activities through a scalable, outsourced program.
  • It relieves the burden on regional and community banks to recruit and maintain specialized information security experts.
  • The cost effective services allow financial institutions to deepen the breadth of knowledge and expertise on their team, while adding a layer of independence between information technology and information security activities.
  • Gladiator’s security operations center is available 24/7 to assist customers if needed; access to this top talent can give bank executives peace of mind.


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