ProfitStars’ Gladiator Incident Alert

Data breaches continue to multiply, yet studies report that only about half of malware is detected on the first day of exposure. It is no longer good enough for financial institutions to have a strong firewall; network traffic must also be examined regularly to detect unknown malware.

ProfitStars’ Gladiator Incident Alert examines network traffic for a deeper layer of protection against evolving malicious attacks. It provides a way to identify threats that may go unseen through traditional protection mechanisms such as firewall prevention and endpoint security. Rather than searching for a specific file, the solution securely and quickly tests the behavior of potentially harmful content in an emulated “sandbox” environment that prevents latency. Gladiator then obtains detailed information about the malware behavior and alerts the financial institution of suspicious activity with detailed warnings that enable quick assessment and response.

Key reasons ProfitStars’ Gladiator Incident Alert deserves an Innovative Solutions Award:

  • It provides a scalable option specifically designed for regional and community banks to address the deep-level threats that often go unseen through traditional fraud protection.
  • Even highly targeted and evasive malware can be recognized, including zero-day and advanced persistent threats.
  • Incident Alert does not depend on a particular core or another software application; it can be implemented in most banks with speed and ease.
  • This is the modern response to an additional layer of defense that can help bankers sleep better at night.
  • Gladiator’s team of skilled engineers provides around-the-clock assistance if needed.


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