FASTdocs is an advanced suite of document and content management solutions uniquely tailored for financial institutions. Each part of the suite is a productivity-booster, lowering costs and raising the customer service bar. Today, with the recently launched Workflow and Webshare Upload, FASTdocs is a blockbuster, allowing institutions to do things they could never do before, and replace costly, labor-intensive processes.

  1. FASTdocs automates regular and occasional customer communications into seamless flows, eliminating costly outsourcing and manual interventions. For example, the entire process of generating eStatements and customer e-notifications becomes a single automated flow, while the customer-facing portal provides required email preference management. The system saves hard costs immediately, and pays off over and over, as electronic communications become predominant.
  2. FASTdocs allows institutions to quickly create automated processes, across departments and enterprise-wide. Automating internal processes, for example, employee expense reports, reduces errors and missed deadlines, while producing a short ROI. Myriad applications are possible, because FASTdocs easily handles all types and forms of information, and the native workflow designer requires minimal training.
  3. FASTdocs provides new opportunities for two-way content exchange with customers via existing, secure online home and mobile banking portals. Employees can push content to customers in real time, and now, invite customers to conveniently post documents as well. This real-time process entirely replaces the need for cumbersome secure email messaging.
  4. By combining all these capabilities, FASTdocs uniquely brings customers into fully interactive workflows that may include multiple internal departments, creating a whole new world of speed, efficiency and convenience. For example, an expired ID on file could automatically trigger a customer email requesting a replacement upload–through online or mobile banking–and then notify an employee upon completion, all without the need for manual checklists or branch visits.

By connecting internal operations with business and individual customers, FASTdocs substantially reduces short-term and long-term costs and releases valuable employee time. The potential for creating customer engagement and convenience without added cost is virtually limitless.


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