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For many community banks, developing and maintaining a business continuity plan can be a time-consuming process that requires careful evaluation and ongoing insight of the institution’s critical processes, functions, and the interdependencies that support them. Examiners are reviewing business continuity plans more closely to verify that banks not only have a well-crafted, compliant plan in place, but are also able to successfully recover in the event of a business outage. In an effort to assist community banks with this complex process, Safe Systems developed its BCP Blueprint application to help banks streamline the BCP process, meet regulatory requirements, and ensure the institution is well-equipped to recover from disruptions quickly and efficiently. Key reasons Safe Systems’ BCP Blueprint solution deserves an Innovative Solutions Award:

  1. The BCP Blueprint application helps automate the BCP development and maintenance processes that have previously been done manually, eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheets, and time consuming data gathering and reporting activities.
  2. The application enables banks to make BCP an enterprise-wide process, rather than a compartmentalized one. BCP Blueprint supports the gathering of business recovery processes from each department head, the centralized management of plans, and helps remove any department bias of priorities to support a more accurate assessment of risk for the institution.
  3. The application allows the BCP administrator to easily review each department and assign a risk score. This helps financial institutions identify major categories of risk in terms of compliance, legal, reputation, and financial risk. Community banks can determine Maximum Allowable Downtime, Recovery Time Objective and set recovery priorities.
  4. BCP Blueprint also includes comprehensive reporting to help guide the process and keep the entire BCP team up to date on the status of the plan. The reports enable the BCP administrator to manage ongoing BCP adjustments over time; track the completed sections; identify what needs to be completed; and review outstanding information required.

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