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Ransomware continues to be a challenge for financial institutions worldwide as cybercriminals move towards increasingly sophisticated forms of malware to carry out targeted attacks. With the recent incidents of WannaCry and Petya, community banks must have a security solution in place to not only detect ransomware, but to greatly reduce the damage caused by the encryption process when an infection occurs.


In an effort to help community banks protect their sensitive financial data, Safe Systems released its Scout anti-ransomware solution. Scout uses bait files and behavioral analytics of processes and network activity to detect and stop ransomware activity. The program stops the encryption process when it detects infection of the bait file. This keeps the machine’s data safe, but more importantly, contains and prevents the infection from spreading.

Key reasons Safe Systems’ Scout solution deserves an Innovative Solutions Award:

  1. Scout helps banks safeguard customer information by stopping the encryption of files on machines before malware is detected and keeps it from spreading to other devices in the network.
  2. Unlike popular anti-malware products on the market, the Scout anti-ransomware solution doesn’t work to just prevent the ransomware infection. Scout takes on an insanely fast reactionary defense, where it acts on the crypto-malware to stop it from doing damage.
  3. The solution’s alerting feature immediately reports the infection to the administrator at the bank, and provides pertinent information on the malware’s behavior and termination.
  4. Scout includes superior logging capabilities allowing vigorous review of how the machine was infected and what the malware tried to do to the device.

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