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Five Essential Qualities For Banks in Today’s Digital and Cloud Environment

IBM has identified five essential qualities for banks seeking to thrive in today’s increasingly digital and cloud-first environment. Like many other industries, the established players in banking are constantly facing changes and new competition. These challenges stem primarily from on-the-cloud start-ups and agile FinTechs, a group of businesses that Moody’s Investor Service estimates as high as 4,000-strong worldwide and on the receiving end of $19 billion in venture capital funding.


How Do Banking Apps Measure Up?

April 18 – In its latest “Monkey Memo,” The Design X-Factor, Malauzai Software provides an in-depth analysis of mobile banking apps customer ratings, comments and feedback as published in Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Malauzai’s research found that 70 percent of the negative feedback was related to customers’ frustrations with a particular policy or procedure enacted by the financial institution and poor and/or lack of communication. (more…)

Shift Away from Cash Could Save 30 Billion Dollars Worldwide

April 3 – Citi Digital has published a new report, entitled; “The March Toward Digital Money: Bringing the Underbanked in from the Cold.”


Financial Institutions Move Closer to Realizing a Blockchain Solution for Syndicated Loans

March 31 – Synaps Loans LLC has announced the successful demonstration of the first working blockchain solution for syndicated loan servicing. R3’s Lab and Research Center managed the proof-of-concept testing of the system, which was exclusively developed by Synaps, a joint venture of Ipreo and Symbiont. Credit Suisse helped arrange the project, which included participation from key agent banks, service providers, and fund managers.


New Study Identifies Threats and Opportunities for Financial Institutions Within the Digital Banking Space

ath Power Consulting, a leading financial services research and strategy firm, has released of the fourth edition of The ath Power Consumer Digital Banking Study, a detailed assessment of digital banking usage, offerings, delivery methods, and customer experiences at financial institutions nationwide.


U.S. Bank Is First to Offer Mobile Payments for Visa Commercial Cards

March 20 – U.S. Bank Corporate Travel Card clients will soon have the convenience of paying for expenditures via mobile with Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay. This new functionality allows commercial cardholders to conveniently and securely pay on the go with compatible devices, making U.S. Bank the first financial institution to offer a mobile payment solution for Visa corporate card transactions.


Increase in Cybersecurity Attacks Expected on Industrial IoT

Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organizations, has announced the results of a study conducted in partnership with Dimensional Research. The study looked at the rise of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) deployment in organizations, and to what extent it is expected to cause security problems in 2017.


Financial Institutions Urged to Take Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

March 7 – New York State has passed the nation’s first cybersecurity regulations designed to protect consumers and safeguard the security of the state’s financial services industry. While New York is the first to pursue such an initiative, financial institutions across the nation should expect similar regulations to take hold as cyber attacks continue to rise, both in numbers and intensity. DefenseStorm urges financial institutions to take a more proactive approach to cybersecurity now to not only stay steps of ahead of bad actors, but regulations that are surely around the corner for other states as well.


Small Business Does Not Have a Positive Perception of Mobile Banking Services

March 6 – RateWatch, a banking data and analytics service owned by TheStreet, Inc., and Simon-Kucher & Partners, a strategy and marketing consulting firm, have released the results from the 3rd Annual Monetizing Digital Banking Products for Small Business Customers survey.


Digital Disruption in Finance Is Here

February 24 – A global survey of 2,000 investors and 500 investment providers sponsored by State Street Corporation (NYSE: STT) has identified three aspects of data that will define stewardship for the digital age: Integration, the ability to combine both structured and unstructured data; Intelligence, the ability to draw new insights with the help of emerging technologies that will enable improved decision-making, performance measurement and client centricity; and Integrity, the ability to better safeguard data with the highest levels of security1.


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