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Fintech, Payments and Banking

Creating opportunities by leveraging fintech and payments industry knowledge

By Chris McNulty

It has been many years since the local community bank required only a reasonable delivery of core banking skills to thrive. Yet most community banks still think of their business clients and payments in two separate ways. One is related to merchant services and how to provide this critical service to their business clients. The other is a more traditional cash management view of payments led by the need for ACH payments and bill pay functionality.


Exploring Synergies of Fintech Partnership

By Toni Lapp

As some banks try to regain ground lost to fintechs, others are forming partnerships. Consider the case of Central Bank of Kansas City. CBKC has long prided itself for serving customers of moderate means. A Community Development Financial Institution, CBKC was probably hit harder than most banks during the recession.


The Fintech Factor

By Ray Ruga and Francisco Geller

Community banks sit at the crosshairs of an array of forces that threaten to wipe them off the competitive map. The recent trends in fintech have the potential to become a game changer for individuals seeking loans, and especially for small and mid-sized enterprises, or SMEs. Because lending platforms created by fintech companies are highly effective and efficient on a smaller scale, it is the SME that stands to benefit most from these disruptive solutions.


Nearly 3 in 10 Consumers Willing to Use Mobile Wallets in the Next Six Months

August 10 – Although mobile wallets are a relatively new form of payment, nearly 3 in 10 consumers (29 percent) expressed a willingness to adopt this emerging payments alternative in the next six months, according to recently released results from a consumer survey by Computer Services, Inc., a leading provider of financial technology solutions. (more…)

Growing Pains for Marketplace Lenders

By Toni Lapp

Like many other fintech innovations, marketplace lending’s business model can be compared to that of Uber’s in that it offers a platform that brings together two parties in a transaction. Still in its infancy, marketplace lending is experiencing an Uber-like speedbump these days with Lending Club’s founder being forced out amid questions of impropriety, Prosper Marketplace and Avant announcing workforce reductions and OnDeck Capital reporting a $12.6 million first-quarter loss.


Fintech: What, Me Worry?

By Michael Scheibach

“From payments to wealth management, from peer-to-peer lending to crowdfunding, a new generation of startups is taking aim at the heart of the industry — and a pot of revenues that Goldman Sachs estimates is worth $4.7 trillion,” wrote The Economist in the spring of 2015. “The fintech firms are not about to kill off traditional banks. . . . Nonetheless, the fintech revolution will reshape finance — and improve it.”


Narrowing the Fintech Focus With RDC

By Bill Phillips

It’s hard not to get whiplash looking at of all the new ideas being introduced to fintech. It seems like a new product or feature is introduced almost daily. How is a community bank supposed to keep up with it all? You’re not – not all of it. The future of banking is not about adding more features and functions; it’s about focusing on what really improves the user experience.


Select Your Technology Vendors . . . Carefully

By Charles Cheatham

Today, bankers have more technology and more technology vendors providing services and support to their banks than ever before. Using third-party vendors can allow banks to reduce risk, control costs and focus more efficiently on achieving strategic goals.


Fintech and the Banking Industry

The following interview with Michael Scheibach, executive editor of BankNews, appeared in the Fintech Americas blog of April 6, 2016. For the original interview, or to learn more about Fintech Americas, click here.


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