4 Steps to Optimizing a Community Bank Google My Business Profile

By Michael Bertini

The golden rule in marketing is to know your customer: What are their pain points, wants and needs? However, it’s also important for consumers to know who they are doing business with. Are they reputable, responsive and reliable?


The War on Deposits

Can regional banks compete … and win?

By Ashwin Gurnani

Eastern Front: Rising Rate Environment

In December 2018, besides raising the federal funds target rate, the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee modified its guidance on rate increases in 2019, reducing the guidance from three to four rate increases down to two. The minutes of the meeting also included language on how the committee would be patient with future rate increases.


Play to Their Strengths

How intelligent lead assignment gets the most out of loan officers.

By Ethan Ewing

Loan officers have a lot to do and not much time to do it. They’re making calls, sending emails and following up with new and existing leads all day, every day. Ideally, they have strong customer service skills, sales expertise and in-depth knowledge to gain the confidence of their prospects. But not all loan officers are equally competent in all areas, which becomes painfully obvious when they reach a prospect whose needs or personality pair unfavorably with the loan officer’s weaknesses. This can kill a prospective loan before it ever has a chance.


The Upside of Down

By Brian McHale

Ten years ago during the height of the Great Recession, I had a thought that amidst all of the doom and gloom, there had to be some way to get ahead, to use what was going on to an advantage. I called it the “upside of down.”


How Community Banks Can Win in SEO

A common misconception among marketers at community banks is that you can’t compete in search without spending at big-bank levels. In reality, you can tailor your keyword strategy, site content and page architecture to match your local customers’ needs to earn a higher search ranking and drive more customers in the door.

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