Risk Management

Pre-Purchase Analysis Files Help Track Investment Performance

By Matthew Maggi

I love the mountains. Hiking, taking photos of the majestic peaks, being a part of nature makes me feel like I am a part of something larger than myself. Although I may be small in comparison to the mountain, I do not feel insignificant. Living in a city provides me with a similar feeling: I am a part of a larger community and have a role to play. When choosing fixed-income investments, each bond should have a purpose in helping you achieve your desired investment strategy: playing a role in the larger community of investments.


Measuring Repayment Capacity

For future expansion, the average replacement margin must be positive.

By Michael Langemeier

Repayment capacity measures include capital debt repayment capacity, capital debt repayment margin, replacement margin, term debt and capital lease coverage ratio, and replacement coverage ratio (Farm Financial Standards Council). These items address a farm’s ability to repay operating loans and to cover the current portion of principal and interest due on noncurrent loans such as a machinery, building or land loan.


Credit Card Charge-Offs on the Rise

Moody’s Investors Service has released its quarterly report on the state of U.S. consumer loans — auto, mortgages, credit cards — and their performances for the largest U.S. retail banks.


Doomsday Prepping for Your Business

By Derek Meek

The concept of “doomsday preppers” always fascinates me, not only for the content itself, but for the internal debate it sparks. Are these people crazy, or the smartest people out there? Is a doomsday inevitable, and if so, will I wish I had paid more attention to how to filter water and can tomatoes?

Similarly, in the world of finance, it is easy to find an expert who is predicting financial doom in the near future, and usually with far less canned food and ammunition on the shelves in the background. Almost all experts agree that a downturn of some significance is coming at some point, however, no one knows for certain when it might happen and what might spark it. Here are some tips that are good to remember as the asteroid hurtles toward your own bunker:

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Cyber Risk for U.S. Businesses Held Steady in Q1

According to a recent Assessment of Business Cyber Risk report, released by the U.D. Chamber of Commerce and FICO, the level of cyber risk to the U.S. business community held steady for the first quarter of 2019, with a national risk score of 687.

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