Technology Focus

Valuation, Optimization & Attrition

How machine learning and AI enhance human interactions.

By Alaina Webster, Managing Editor

If searching for a term to describe the recent financial landscape, the Great Data Reckoning may be apt. By now, we all know how much “data” banks have — there have been countless articles written about untapped data, unanalyzed data, data not meeting its potential. If data were a sullen high-school senior with good ACT scores but mediocre grades, it would be sitting in the guidance counselor’s office right now, being asked why it can’t see what a great contribution it could make to the world and whether it would consider adding a few extra-curriculars to its resume.


Four Ways Biometrics Could Change the In-Branch Banking Experience

By Philippe Benitez

Biometric technologies are here to stay. That much is evident, thanks to consumers’ avid adoption of mobile devices and everyday applications that leverage fingerprint identification, facial recognition and other modalities that already extend into the mobile banking realm. As that tech diffuses into other parts of daily life and business, including airports, automobiles and commerce, it’s worth considering how it might transform bank branches, one of the last bastions left relatively untouched by the digital revolution.


How AI Helps Banks Compete With Digital-First Players

By Laura Crozier

Since the 2008 financial crisis, banks have spent a lot of time and energy on regulatory compliance and cost cutting. Until just recently, as a result of growing regulatory demands, investment in new technology took a back seat, as did innovation.


Creating the Data-Driven Culture

By Neetu Shaw

As we stare down the barrel of another year, we reflect on the good, bad and ugly of 2018 while making plans for the months to come. As you reflect, it’s important to consider how your institution will spend the next 12 months creating a data-driven culture — embracing the value of data, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction.


Technology Through the Years

A final look back at banking innovation.

By Michael Scheibach

“Conestoga Bank, headquartered in Chester Springs, Pa., is introducing mobile remote deposit capture, or mRDC: the ability to use a smartphone to photograph a check and deposit it directly into your bank account.”

This was the opening sentence of my Technology Focus column eight years ago. Mobile RDC was quite new at that point, with many banks hesitant to implement the technology because of potential risks of duplicate deposits. Today, mRDC has become an essential offering critical for retaining current customers and obtaining a new generation of digital-first customers. According to a survey by, 95 percent of banks now believe mRDC benefits outweigh the costs and risks.

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