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Pre-Purchase Analysis Files Help Track Investment Performance

By Matthew Maggi

I love the mountains. Hiking, taking photos of the majestic peaks, being a part of nature makes me feel like I am a part of something larger than myself. Although I may be small in comparison to the mountain, I do not feel insignificant. Living in a city provides me with a similar feeling: I am a part of a larger community and have a role to play. When choosing fixed-income investments, each bond should have a purpose in helping you achieve your desired investment strategy: playing a role in the larger community of investments.


Teach Children to Save Turns 22!

More than 9,850 bankers hosted financial education events across the country in celebration of Teach Children to Save day this year. Since 1997, the American Bankers Association Foundation’s financial education initiatives have reached 10.5 million young people with the help of more than 260,000 banker volunteers.


Is Winning the Lottery a Reasonable Retirement Plan?

Millennials aren’t ruling it out — by a long shot.

Many Americans fail to benefit from the booming stock market because they think they lack the money and — more importantly — the know-how to invest, according to recent research from New York-based STASH, a consumer investing app. Moreover, a disturbing number of U.S. consumers are willing to gamble their retirement on a lottery win in the place of a sound investment strategy.


6 Tips to Offer Your Customers to Spring Clean Their Finances


Millennial Use of Chat Apps to Reach Wealth Managers Increases in Asian Markets

Almost 40 percent of millennials in Asia-Pacific were contacting their wealth managers via a chat application in Q2 2018, a 10 percentage point increase since 2017, says GlobalData, a data and analytics company.

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