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Intermountain Community Bancorp Elects Ford Elsaesser Chairman

March 5 – Intermountain Community Bancorp (Nasdaq:IMCB) and its banking division, Panhandle State Bank, have announced the election of Ford Elsaesser to the position of chairman of the board of directors effective immediately following the 2013 Annual Shareholders Meeting on April 24, 2013. Elsaesser succeeds Jack Parker, who has served as the institution’s chairman since 1995. Parker will continue to hold a director’s seat on the board.


Sour notes for maestro; Praise for former Fed chief Alan Greenspan has been muted by critics who blame him for current troubles.

FinXTech 2017 Advisory Group Announced

January 24 – FinXTech, powered by Bank Director, has announced its 2017 Advisory Group comprised of a select number of technology startup founders, established technology providers, innovation leaders in banking, investors and government and non-government policy leaders – all of which make up the FinXTech ecosystem.


Customer Satisfaction with Banks Rebounding

November 15 –  Customer satisfaction with banks is up, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). The report covers the Finance and Insurance sector, which includes retail banks, credit unions, health insurance, property and casualty insurance, life insurance and internet investment services.


U.S. Payments Forum Market Snapshot: Status and Priorities of U.S. EMV Chip Card Migration

October 17 – The U.S. Payments Forum has released its fall 2016 market snapshot, providing statements on the status of the U.S. chip migration, its impacts on the U.S. market, and upcoming priorities and recently-released resources for moving the transition forward. The U.S. Payments Forum, formerly the EMV Migration Forum, is made up of constituents from the entire payments ecosystem and has been the source for EMV implementation guidance since the start of the migration in 2012.


Digital Disruption Will Force Retail Banks to ‘Radically Simplify’

May 11 – While retail banks have begun a tentative financial recovery, disruptive challenges are accelerating and will force banks to develop digital capabilities that “radically simplify” operations and reinvent customer service, according to a report by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).


ATM Operators Have EMV Functionality Turned Off

March 29 – -ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has released the results of its 2016 ATM Channel EMV Readiness Survey; the third in a series, originally launched to gauge the industry’s preparedness for the April, 2013 Maestro liability shift. Just 14 months ago, only 12% of survey respondents expected to end 2015 without any ATMs accepting EMV transactions. Those expectations were missed by a wide margin, with the actual number ending up at 48% – nearly half of all ATM operators.


Economic Forecast 2016: The Tortoise or the Hare?

By KC Mathews

We all know of Aesop’s fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare” — a story of two unequal opponents who agree to a race. The outcome appears to be obvious, but in a surprising twist, the ever-so-diligent tortoise perseveres and wins the race. The moral of the story is slow and steady wins the race.


A Small Bank With Big Mobile Goals

By Clint Bryant

In today’s rapidly expanding digital ecosystem, consumers’ mindsets are shifting to a “need access now” philosophy, even when it comes to banking. Waynesboro, Tenn.-based Wayne County Bank was determined to adopt a mobile application to meet this demand for instant access and demonstrate that, even as a smaller institution in a rural community, it could bring its customer base the same, advanced technology as the megabanks. The bank’s goal was to leverage the mobile channel to offer optimal convenience to its customers while simultaneously proving its ability to keep up with technology.


Seven User Experience Principles to Make your Commercial Channel More Engaging

By Erin Oswalt

Customer experience in commercial cash management is all the rage. According to a recent study from Aite Research Group, 72% of the top 50 banks in the U.S. are planning to invest in 2016 to improve the online customer experience.  So to get the most value for this investment, what are the key things banks should accomplish?


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