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Axiom Bank Makes $300,000 Contribution to Step Up For Students

April 18 – Axiom Bank, a federally chartered community bank, has announced a first-time contribution of $300,000 to the Step Up For Students Scholarship Program, providing educational options to financially-disadvantaged Florida schoolchildren.


Axiom Bank® Donates $100,000 to Emory University to Help Develop New Treatment for Brain Diseases

October 12 – Axiom Bank, serving Central Florida, has donated $100,000 to the Emory Neuromodulation and Technology Innovation Center (ENTICe) to help develop new treatments for brain diseases and conditions like epilepsy, Parkinson’s, depression, and more. Axiom Bank made the gift as part of its continued commitment to supporting its community and addressing the needs of people, even beyond its home state.


Axiom Bank Donates Money and Food to Feeding America

July 17 – Axiom Bank®, a community bank headquartered in Central Florida, has donated $425 and 90 pounds of food to Feeding America Tampa Bay, a non-profit organization that works to eradicate hunger in the Tampa Bay area.


Tying Management Incentives to Profitability and Portfolio Quality

By Kenneth Levey

For many years, banks have found that one of the best ways to align employee behavior with corporate strategy is to provide comprehensive incentive plans to those employees. One of the most important lessons learned for financial institutions resulting from the 2008 financial crisis was that not all growth is good growth. Paying incentives on, for example, just loan growth, may have increased compensation for many loan officers, but was in many cases detrimental to the overall health of the organization. Appropriately, both common sense and regulatory guidelines have led to many changes in the banking industry since the financial crisis. One of those changes is in the area of incentive compensation management. (more…)

Setting the Stage for Measurable Profitability

In today’s volatile economic climate and regulatory environment, evaluation of profitability drivers has become more complex since all growth does not create sustainable value. In fact, some industry estimates suggest that more than 40 percent of a bank’s customers may in fact be unprofitable, so banks must analyze and measure which segments are hindering their profitability and take meaningful, corrective action.


Measurement of Financial Institutions’ Profitability Goes Beyond Funds Transfer Pricing

July 30 – Axiom EPM, a provider of financial planning and performance management software for enterprises, has released a whitepaper on creating profitability measurement frameworks in banks and credit unions. The white paper reviews the concepts of profitability and acknowledges that while the key driver in a financial institution’s profitability is funds transfer pricing, allocating an institution’s net interest margin to individual instruments is not the only factor to consider in determining profitability. Other contributing factors include the attribution of certain income and operating expenses; the assignment of capital; and a robust, multi-dimensional reporting and analysis framework, which must all be in place to leverage profitability data in an actionable manner.


Atlanta Fed President: Start-ups, Job Creation and Bank Financing

Nov 15 – Dennis P. Lockhart, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, spoke at the Conference on Small Business and Entrepreneurship during an Economic Recovery in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 10, 2011. His speech is below.


First State Elevates its Disaster Recovery Plan

Originally chartered in 1934, First State Bank & Trust takes pride in being an independent, community-oriented financial institution that serves Tonganoxie, Kan., and neighboring areas. With eight branches and more than $300 million in assets, its focus is on delivering personalized customer service as a trusted financial services partner.


Speech by Chairman Bernanke on the Implications of the Financial Crisis for Economics

Sept 27 – Chairman Ben S. Bernanke spoke at the Conference Co-sponsored by the Center for Economic Policy Studies and the Bendheim Center for Finance at Princeton University on Sept. 24, 2010,  about the implications of the financial crisis for economics. His speech is below.


Paulson: U.S. economy is resilient

Jan 22 – Secretary Henry Paulson made remarks on the economy before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Below is his speech.


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