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Five Ways Banks Can Lead in Financing Higher Education

By Michael VanErdewyk

There’s a high-profile lender that’s struggling to turn its ship around. Some 42 million borrowers owe this lender $1.3 trillion and its debt load continues to rise.


Fiserv and Startup GoldBean to Help Financial Institutions Serve Beginning Investors with Tailored Digital Advice and Education

June 26 – Fiserv, Inc., a leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, is equipping financial institutions to better serve beginning investors with the addition of tailored digital advice and education to Wealth Management Network from Fiserv. Fiserv is adding these capabilities through an agreement with the financial services startup GoldBean. The agreement resulted from GoldBean’s participation in the INV Fintech accelerator launched last year by Bank Innovation and Fiserv to further innovation in financial services.


Millennials Value Financial Education, Guidance and Mobile Account Access from Their Financial Services Providers

October 21 – The financial services industry is increasingly focused on winning millennial customers, but most firms still fail to deliver an experience that will resonate with this generation, according to a study released by Corporate Insight that analyzes the opportunities and challenges that financial services firms face in serving the Millennial generation. Millennials Revisited: Financial Services and the Digital Generation explores how banks, brokerages, credit card issuers, insurers and retirement plan providers are changing aspects of their marketing, products and service models to capitalize on the Millennial opportunity and identifies those firms and tactics that are most effective.


Teachers Credit Union Rolls Out Financial Education Program for Students

August 23 – More than 100 teachers at 80 schools in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky have signed up to offer Teacher Credit Union’s (TCU) Financial Empowerment Program powered by FoolProof, an interactive, online curriculum teaching financial responsibility and the realities of the free enterprise system.


NFEC Leads Push to Promote Subjects Behind FLEC – Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Career Education

June 29 – In partnership with collaborating organizations, the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) stands at the forefront of a recent campaign to promote the educational goals behind the acronym FLEC: Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Career Education. FLEC represents practical learning focused on areas that will directly affect our children’s financial health and well-being.


Florida Community Bank Promotes Money-Saving for Education

May 24 – Florida Community Bank has announced a partnership with the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida, Inc. and United Way of Collier County, to launch a pilot program designed to empower women in Southwest Florida through education – Becoming Economically Successful Together (B.E.S.T.). The pilot program is funded by a $100,000 federal grant from U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Assets for Independence Program. The federal funds will be matched by $100,000 in non-federal funds pledged by donors and corporate underwriters. As part of the Bank’s commitment to this program, FCB has pledged $20,000 in support of the required match.


CFPB Offers Tool to Evaluate Financial Education Curriculum

October 21  – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  is releasing a tool that educators can use when selecting financial education curriculum for students. The curriculum review tool will help educators identify effective and unbiased material to increase the financial capability of students. By providing relevant evaluation criteria, the tool can help educators judge the value of financial education material for their students. (more…)

Fiserv Delivers EMV Education and Marketing Program to Cardholders and Financial Institutions

September 18 – Fiserv, Inc., a leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, has developed a robust EMV Education and Marketing Program to prepare financial institutions as well as aid in cardholder awareness and comfort with a new payment experience.


EMV Migration Forum and Payments Security Task Force Launch Education Initiative

August 21 – The Payments Security Task Force and the EMV Migration Forum has announced the launch of the industry-wide CHIP IN Education Initiative.

“After only one successful transaction, consumers understand how to use their new chip cards. We want to make their first impression with chip technology a positive one, and make paying with chip the ‘new normal’ this year,” said Randy Vanderhoof, director of the EMV Migration Forum. “To meet this goal, the EMV Migration Forum and the Payments Security Task Force are asking the industry to expand education efforts by participating in the new CHIP IN Education Initiative.” is a comprehensive site providing instructions for successful chip card transactions along with information about what chip cards are, the security they deliver and reference materials for consumers, issuers and merchants.

What Is the CHIP IN Education Initiative?

The same cross-industry organizations that delivered the educational website are now asking industry stakeholders to chip in and help expand efforts to educate consumers and small businesses about the new cards appearing in their wallets and their stores.

How Can Industry Participants Help?

The initiative provides issuers, merchants, acquirers and others with educational messages and materials that can be shared through social media and other channels.

For those that sign up to join the initiative, participants will receive a weekly email which includes:

Pre-drafted social media posts and hashtags
Free educational downloads including useful visual aids, training guides, FAQs, infographics and more
Ways to use resources to maximize educational value
Media interview tips
Methods to encourage visits to

“Awareness and these resources help make that first chip card transaction a positive experience, whether you’re shopping or helping your customer,” said Carolyn Balfany, senior vice president, MasterCard. “This is the latest in a series of steps that we’re taking to help all U.S. customers and cardholders to understand the many benefits of the upgrade to chip.”

“The CHIP IN Education Initiative is another tool we can use to support the transition to chip technology in the U.S. All of those in the payments ecosystem have demonstrated a shared commitment to easing the transition to chip technology, and, through continued collaboration on initiatives like CHIP IN, we can help educate consumers and small businesses as to how chip technology can help reduce fraud and increase payment security,” said Stephanie Ericksen, vice president of Risk Products at Visa, Inc.

Join the CHIP IN Education Initiative here:

The first weekly email will be sent during the week of August 24th, so industry participants are encouraged to join before then.

“We look forward to seeing everyone chip in to make the U.S. EMV chip migration a success,” added Vanderhoof.

EMV Migration Forum and Payments Security Task Force Launch CHIP IN, an Industry-Wide EMV Chip Education Initiative

August 19 – The Payments Security Task Force and the EMV Migration Forum have announced the launch of the industry-wide CHIP IN Education Initiative.


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