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2015 ISA ENTRY – ACG’s ECS 4-in-1 (ATM Anti-Skimming Device)

ECS® 4-in-1 is ACG’s most comprehensive skimming solution for ATMs with dip card readers. ATM card
skimming is high-tech bank robbery that accounts for 98% of all ATM card fraud. The U.S. Secret Service
estimates that domestic financial institutions lose $1 billion annually due to skimming attacks. ACG’s
ECS 4-in-1 device is poised to arm community banks against card fraud by offering multi-layered
skimming protection.

ECS 4-in-1 is truly a unique anti-skimming solution, as it offers a combination of detection and jamming
protection. It not only safeguards ATM users against skimming attacks through detection technology. It
also provides a shield of skimming protection by creating random, disturbing frequencies that scramble
skimmers (jamming). Therefore, ECS 4-in-1 can detect the physical installation of skimming devices
while simultaneously deactivating them. Additionally, the complete solution includes communication
and data logging functionalities. Therefore, ECS 4-in-1 is a fully integrated solution that provides
financial institutions with four tools to combat skimming: 1) detection; 2) jamming; 3) communication;
and 4) data logger.

The Innovative Solutions Awards champions products and services that aid community banks in the
areas of efficiency and customer service; ECS 4-in-1 is an original hardware solution that does just that.
The product’s detection and jamming functions protect not only banks, but also their customers against
skimming attacks—bolstering branch security and customer confidence. The communication and data
logger functions allow banks to closely monitor and track ATM card activity to quickly identify skimming
devices and protect customers from attacks. Moreover, ECS 4-in-1 will help community banks better
serve customers through:

  • Customization: Product parameters are highly customizable according to FI requirements to
    minimize false alarms.
  • Convenience: On average, it takes less than an hour to install ECS® in the field, and the ATM
    does not have to be taken out of service during installation.
  • Affordability: ECS 4-in-1 is the most affordable skimming solution on the market that features
    both detection and jamming technology.

ACG, Inc.

ADT Launches Anti-Skimming Device to Detect, Deter ATM Fraud

March 13 – ADT Security Services has introduced a new advanced skimming detection device for financial institutions throughout North America. The ADT Anti-Skim™ ATM Security Solution helps prevent skimming attempts and detects skimming devices on all major ATM makes and models.


Deputy Secretary Robert M. Kimmitt remarks on policy principles for sovereign wealth funds

Oct 13 – Thank you, Peter, for that warm introduction.  It is a pleasure to join you today to discuss the importance of keeping markets open for foreign investment, a particularly timely topic given the current uncertainty in global financial markets.  I would like to thank the U.S. Council for International Business for hosting this event and for its continuing interest in this important topic, and I also thank the co-sponsors and supporters of the event. 


Deputy Secretary Kimmitt statement on IWG agreement on generally accepted principles for sovereign wealth funds

Oct 13 – Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Robert M. Kimmitt issued the following statement on the release of the International Working Group of Sovereign Wealth Funds’ Generally Accepted Principles and Practices for Sovereign Wealth Funds:


Deputy Secretary Kimmitt to announce $3.9 billion in tax credits

Oct 2 – U.S. Treasury Deputy Secretary Robert M. Kimmitt and Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund Director Kimberly A. Reed will travel to New Orleans, La., this week to award $3.9 billion in tax credits to organizations investing in rural and urban low-income communities across the United States.  The awards are being made under the 2007 round of the New Markets Tax Credit Program and will include $400 million allocated specifically for the redevelopment and reconstruction of the Hurricane Katrina Gulf Opportunity Zone.


Wisconsin: ‘Skimmers’ milking cardholders

South Dakota names Kim Olson state economic development director

Independent Bankers Assn. of Texas Elects Board Members and Bestows Honors at Convention

October 14 – The Independent Bankers Association of Texas  recently held its 42nd annual convention at La Cantera Hill Country Resort in San Antonio. At this annual gathering attended by 700 community bankers and industry representatives, new officers and directors who will serve through 2016-2017 were elected and several awards were presented. 


Boosting ATM Security Starts at the Top

September 30 – What impacts will your FI suffer if your ATM is compromised? Perhaps the biggest blow, and most difficult to repair, will be to your reputation. Fortunately, there are proven steps FIs can take to increase ATM security posture, and starting with the C-Suite is the first step.


2016 ISA Entry – Gemalto Dynamic Code Verification

Gemalto’s Dynamic Code Verification (or DCV) is a dynamic CVV solution that works with both physical payment cards and an app on mobile devices. Instead of relying on the static, printed three-digit verification code cardholders are used to referencing on the back of their cards, cards are authenticated via a randomized, battery-powered, digital e-Ink code that changes every 20 minutes. Having a constantly changing CVV code means that the buyer must have the physical card in-hand to make an online purchase, not just a skimmed card number, expiration date, name, address and static CVV. Implementing this technology is valuable to community banks for a few reasons:

GemaltoIt’s particularly helpful in verifying and protecting customers’ online, e-commerce and m-commerce transactions against the card not present (CNP) fraud that is predicted to be quadruple what POS card fraud is by 2018, per Javelin Strategy & Research. Reducing that type of fraud means fewer costs for banks in the form of fraud investigation, customer support and remediation.

Gemalto_DCV_MobileDCV can keep community banks on the cutting edge of security without confusing customers or creating rifts with retailers; nothing changes about transaction behaviors or processing except the CVV number itself.

It gives customers greater peace of mind that their bank is taking every possible precaution to protect them against fraud, strengthening long-term customer relationships and retention.

The mobile version of DCV, which was the first of its kind, keeps customers inside the mobile ecosystem that banks of all sizes are currently rolling out as part of their competitive digitization efforts.

Banks in both U.S. and international communities are currently piloting DCV cards and mobile apps, finding DCV to be a simple, effective aid in influencing the outcome of the complex fight against rising CNP fraud.


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