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Company links rise in income to growth in St. Louis

Inflation’s links to globalization examined in new Dallas Fed Publication

New report links high credit card debt to medical expenses

Integrated Exception Tracking

By Alan Wooldridge

In an increasingly competitive banking environment, new efficiencies can pay big dividends. For commercial lending institutions, this is particularly true with regard to exception tracking.


American Express Launches Quick Chip Service to Provide A More Seamless Process For EMV Chip Card Transactions at Point of Sale

June 16 – American Express has announced the availability of Amex Quick Chip, a technology that enables merchants to provide a more seamless experience at the point of sale for Card Members when they pay with their EMV chip cards. Amex Quick Chip is available to merchant processors, which may deploy the service to interested U.S. merchants through a software update to the merchants’ EMV-enabled payment terminals. This provides another option for merchants in industries where having a fast check-out process is especially important.


Blockchain and AI to Have a Huge Impact Over the Next 10 Years

June 6 – Synechron, Inc., a global consulting and technology innovator in the financial services industry, has released the results of a survey conducted by the TABB Group for Synechron on the potential of blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) in financial services. The survey was conducted with 92 banking and capital markets institutions, with executives that are directly involved with technology decisions at their firm.


Dwolla Submits its Real-Time Payments Proposal to the Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force

May 9 – Dwolla, an all digital bank transfer payment system, has submitted a faster payments proposal to the Federal Reserve-chartered Faster Payment Task Force for review and assessment. The Fed-chartered initiative, comprised of the over 500 Faster and Secure Payments Task Force members, has been tasked with representing, addressing, and assessing improved payments systems. The Dwolla proposal offers an alternative to the 40-year-old $40 trillion bank transfer system that can take up to four days to transfer funds.


Ten Best Practices to Drive Digital Sales

By Erin Oswalt

Would you like to drive digital sales to new levels?  You are not alone – Recently Bottomline and BankNews offered a webinar focused on best practices in driving growth through digital channels. 90% of our audience indicated they have not reached their goals for digital growth.


Banks Are Positioned To Prevent Elder Abuse, Says CFPB

March 24 – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has issued an advisory and a report with recommendations for banks and credit unions on how to prevent, recognize, report, and respond to financial exploitation of older Americans. Financial exploitation, the illegal or improper use of a person’s funds, property or assets, is the most common form of elder abuse and costs seniors billions of dollars per year. (more…)

MUFG Union Bank Launches Online Platform to Streamline Issuing and Paying Agent Services

March 22 – MUFG Union Bank (the Bank) has launched IPA Port, a new online platform that offers fully integrated issuing and paying agent services (IPA) for issuers of USD commercial paper and certificates of deposit. This easy to navigate platform delivers seamless processing for issuance, interest, and maturity payment activities using real-time data and transaction monitoring and reporting through a single online source.


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