BankNews April 2015

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ThreatMetrix Announces the “ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Report: Q1 2015”

May 11 – ThreatMetrix, a provider of context-based security and advanced fraud prevention solutions, has announced the availability of its “ThreatMetrix® Cybercrime Report: Q1 2015,” which examines cybercrime attacks detected by the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network during Q4 2014 and Q1 2015. These attacks were detected during real-time analysis and interdiction of fraudulent online payments, logins and new account registrations.


Banking With a Fingerprint: First Internet Bank Offers Touch ID to Access Finances

May 8 – First Internet Bank, a provider of online banking services nationwide, has announced it is providing Touch ID functionality for customers using its personal mobile banking application. Using built-in fingerprint-sensor technology, Touch ID is a simple, secure way for customers to log into their mobile banking application in place of traditional login credentials.


Digital Insight Enables Touch ID Functionality in Mobile Banking Apps

May 1 – Digital Insight, an NCR company and leader in digital banking solutions, has announced it is providing Touch ID functionality for mobile banking applications to its financial institution customers. 


Authentication Strategies for Financial Institutions

April 9 – ThreatMetrix, a provider of context-based security and advanced fraud prevention solutions, has announced several strategies for financial institutions to accurately authenticate customers and employees in alignment with joint statements released by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) on compromised credentials and destructive malware.


Phishers Increasingly Target Consumers’ Banks and ISP Accounts

April 3 – The APWG reports in its new Phishing Activity Trends Report that phishing against banks and ISPs rose markedly compared to other sectors in the third quarter of 2014. The number of brands being attacked remains high, and malware variants continue to proliferate at record rate of increase.


EMVCo Launches Regional Seminar Program

March 13 – EMVCo, the global technical body that manages the EMV® Specifications, has launched a seminar program that aims to educate and inform regional audiences on the EMV topics most relevant to them. The first event, which is scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C., on 4 May 2015, will provide an overview of EMV chip technology and EMVCo’s role in promoting the global interoperability of payment tokenization.


Cadence Bank Upgrades Digital Banking Platform and Website

March 12 – Cadence Bank, based in Houston, Texas, has announced enhancements to its digital platforms, including a more intuitive online and mobile banking platform and an improved website experience.


The Truth About App Ratings

By Will Ferrell

Due in large part to the explosion in popularity of applications — or apps — that we download to our smartphones and tablets, app ratings are exploding in popularity. But what exactly is an app rating? Simply put, it’s a rating, based on user reviews, of apps that reside in either the iTunes or Google Play stores. While users can go to the iTunes and Google Play Stores of their own volition to provide app ratings, in many cases, if not most cases, they are prompted by the app itself provide a review. When an app has a lot of reviews, and/or a favorable ratings, it’s likely that the developers of that app have coded into the app a rate and review component; i.e., a message that pops up, typically after x number of logins or x type of interactions, that prompts a user to rate the app. If you indicate you are satisfied or loved the app, then you are prompted to either rate it, or you are directed to the app store to rate it.


New Site Helps Manage Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses Calculation

February 12 – Sageworks, a financial information company and provider of risk management solutions, announced the launch of, a free, online resource for financial institution executives involved in the calculation of the allowance for loan and lease losses (ALLL). The site will serve as a best practices hub for banks and credit unions, as well a space for professionals to ask questions and get answers on the ALLL.  (more…)

Ally Bank Launches New Online Banking Platform

January 23 – Ally Bank, the direct bank subsidiary of Ally Financial Inc., has announced the launch of its redesigned online banking experience.  Nearly one half of Ally Bank’s retail deposit customers use online banking, and the new platform provides them with a simpler, smarter way to manage their bank accounts, as well as new features most frequently requested by customers.


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