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Jan 30 – Preventive maintenance is a simple concept. It is recognized as a protocol for the care and servicing of a valuable object in order to uphold and preserve its functionality, enhance its performance, and extend its longevity. Computers, cars, houses, roads, electronic equipment, nearly everything needs some form of regular maintenance.
Within the banking industry’s automated operations, nowhere is preventive maintenance more vital than to that of check scanners. Since the advent of Check 21 in 2004, check scanners are the electronic workhorses of financial institutions’ operations centers, and are depended on to read & scan thousands upon thousands of paper checks in rapid succession, quickly and accurately.
By the very functionality of this process, check scanners are exposed to contaminants from the environment and from the applications they process. Through regular use, scanners’ optical lenses and magnetic heads are exposed to paper flash, ink residue, and air pollutants, that, up to this time, no engineering process can prevent. Because check scanners are designed to drive several thousand documents through an automated process at a rapid pace, it is imperative that the equipment be kept free from debris to eliminate check jamming, unclear images, and Magnetic Ink Check Reader line misreads.
Recently, the manufacturers of Waffletechnology™ developed a new electronic device cleaning card designed to clean check scanners without dismantling the equipment, long delays, or complete down time. Original equipment manufacturers such as Panini have accepted and approved Waffletechnology check scanning cleaning cards which are designed and tested to provide exceptional cleaning to this technology, allowing the scanning equipment to function as designed and extending the life of the equipment, overall.
Just as the concept of preventive maintenance is simple, so is preventive maintenance with Waffletechnology. Check scanner cleaning cards are packaged individually in presaturated pouches and are designed for ease-of-use in one simple process without dismantling the unit. The user simply tears open the pouch, removes the moistened cleaning card, and inserts it into the check scanner as if it were a standard check.


MSI taps Jeff Vetterick as executive vice president of marketing

Oct 12 – MSI, Myriad Systems Inc, a leading innovator and provider of Internet-hosted solutions for check image and other back office processing, has announced Jeff Vetterick has joined the company as executive vice president of marketing.


The Evolution of Banking in the Check 21 Landscape

With the passing of Check 21 legislation, the banking landscape is taking on a new form as financial institutions are permitted to use electronic images as the legal equivalent to a paper document. To survive, it is critical for banks to transition from paper to electronic payment processing in a manner that is not only seamless for customers but also profitable for the institutions. As the needs of customers change, bank technology must continue to evolve to accommodate those needs. By keeping costs low and transactions efficient, banks will be able to remain competitive and retain and attract customers.


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