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Antuar Partners with Parascript to Provide Innovative Integrated Check Image Processing at the Branch

June 26 – Parascript LLC, a market leader in the processing of check images, and Antuar, an provider of branch transaction and engagement solutions, are pleased to announce that Antuar will integrate Parascript CheckPlus and CheckUsability with its solutions for seamless check scanning, proofing and processing. In implementing the Parascript recognition technology with Antuar’s inBranch Transact, banks, credit unions and others can process checks with extremely high recognition results, supporting Antuar’s mission of creating a more efficient, more engaging branch transaction solution.

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Parascript and Laserfiche Announce Partnership, Integration

Feb 13 – Parascript LLC, a machine print, handprint and cursive recognition technology provider, has joined the Laserfiche Professional Developer Partnership program. As part of the partnership, Parascript’s FormXtra software will now integrate with Laserfiche technology to enable recognition of cursive, as well as hand-printed, information from paper forms. The integration will give value added resellers; enterprises; federal, state and local governments access to, often untapped and frequently the most challenging, information to be recognized from paper documents at a much lower cost than with manual entry.

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Improved check recognition software from Parascript offers higher read rates, reliable detection of counterfeits

Feb 20 – Parascript, LLC, the image analysis and pattern recognition technology provider, has announced the latest release of CheckPlus, its flagship check recognition and verification product used by leading payment automation solution providers. CheckPlus 6.0 automatically processes the full stream of documents for proof-of-deposit and remittance applications with higher read rates and accuracy. Its new .Net application programming interface enables fast, easy, and cost-effective integration with customer’s applications.

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The New, Digital World of Payments via RDC

When it comes to purchasing goods and getting paid, customers want convenience and businesses are looking for new ways to offer it. Whether paying for their morning coffee with as many choices as ordering it (iPhone, cash, Starbucks card, Square) to cashing company checks (with lockbox services, remote scanning at the office, at the bank or via phone), new options offer added value and can make for happier customers.

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Show me The Money

As a consumer I find that banking is not easy. Branch hours are not always convenient; the website is not always easy to navigate; and I still need to use a branch to deposit those pesky checks I occasionally receive. And now we need to accept credit cards for my wife’s home-based business.

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Remote Deposit: a customer convenience that cuts costs

It is no surprise that financial services providers are undergoing a major transition following the 2008 financial crisis. Many are struggling to remain relevant, or worse, solvent. Consumers are looking even harder at alternatives and introducing new fees or reducing services only serves to hasten this trend.

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Ways To Fight ATM Fraud

Since the establishment of the first ATM networks in the early 1970s, ATMs have become an essential and convenient component of consumer banking. Across the world they are being used for new and innovative services, such as cash withdrawals, deposits, currency exchange, printing checks and paying bills.

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