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Five Things Blockchain Must Get Right in Order to Transform Payments

February 8 – DH Corporation (TSX:DH), a leading provider of technology solutions to financial institutions globally, has released a white paper showcasing five things that the banking industry must get right with regard to blockchain in order for it to transform the payments landscape.


Popular Community Bank Introduces P2P Payments

February 5 – Popular Community Bank, a subsidiary of Popular, Inc., has announced the roll out of “Popular People Pay,” enabling customers to make person-to-person (P2P) payments through online and mobile banking. Funds can be transferred to almost anyone in multiple ways: email, text, Account-to-Account, check, or PayPal. The person receiving the money is sent a notification via text or email with instructions on how to claim it.


Converging Trends Making 2016 a Year to Remember in Payments and Banking

January 27 – In payments, the term “disruption” has become a cliché; every day seems to bring developments that change the operating environment. Mercator Advisory Group’s latest research note, 2016 Payments Outlook, summarizes the 2016 Outlook notes available from each of Mercator’s seven research practices — the Debit, Credit, Prepaid, Commercial and Enterprise Payments, Emerging Technologies, Banking Channels, and Global Payments Advisory Services. The Outlooks highlight the sweep of changes Mercator anticipates for the volatile year ahead as well as the technology trends that will drive change beyond the 2016 horizon.


Payveris White Paper: Thriving in the Digital Payments Revolution

No business plans for obsolescence. Just think about movie rental stores like Blockbuster or brick and mortar travel agents. Change can seep in over time, or in today’s fast-paced digital commerce world, overnight. The challenge is to adjust to the paradigm shift and remain competitive and relevant. That is where financial institutions find themselves today — at a crossroad.


NACHA Challenge Launches at PAYMENTS 2016

January 25 – The Electronic Payments Association has launched the NACHA Challenge, a team competition to foster new ways to improve the ACH end-user experience by filling market gaps or removing friction points. The NACHA Challenge is open to innovators, thinkers and practitioners from any entity, including corporates, academic institutions, nonprofits, think tanks, financial institutions, solution providers and others.


Smart Card Alliance White Paper Explores Uses of NFC Beyond Payments

January 19 – Near Field Communications (NFC) technology gets a lot of attention for its ability to enable contactless payments, but less known is that it also can be used to enable secure and convenient transactions in non-payments applications, such as marketing, identity, access, ticketing and gaming. The Smart Card Alliance has released a white paper that explores non-payments NFC implementations that are breaking new ground, and the security approaches that are being used to protect sensitive user credentials within NFC applications.


Payments Summit

Payments Summit – Smart Card Alliance
When: April 4-7
Where: Loews Resort, Orlando, Fla.
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Report: Banks and Tech Giants in Power Struggle Over Mobile Payments Control

January 14 – With the future of mobile payments on the line, a fierce power struggle is playing out between banks and the ‘Pay’ models of the original equipment manufacturer tech giants such as Apple and Samsung, according to a report from Mobey Forum’s Host Card Emulation Workgroup.


Smart Card Alliance Expands Payments Summit

January 6 – The newly co-located Smart Card Alliance Payments Summit and the ICMA Card Manufacturing and Personalization EXPO will hit Orlando, Florida, next spring as a significantly expanded conference covering EMV chip migration, mobile wallets, NFC, contactless, open transit payment systems, FinTech, card manufacturing and personalization technologies and processes.


Digital Payments Increase for Holiday Shopping

December 11 – Analysis of Black Friday through Cyber Monday card transaction data by payments processor TMG (The Members Group) shows credit and debit cardholders are increasingly relying on digital means to check off their holiday shopping lists.


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