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Will AI Help Wall Street or Main Street?

By David Sosna

Up to a third of the jobs in the United States could be replaced by automation by 2030, according to a recent report from consultancy PwC. Statistics such as these have caused fear in many quarters – particularly in the manufacturing, automotive and retail sectors – where replacing repetitive human tasks with some form of artificial intelligence often boosts productivity for business owners at the expense of workers. This is backed up by a recent report from the Cornerstone Capital Group that revealed robots could threaten another 6 million retail jobs.


Marking its 50th Anniversary, the ATM Is at a Crossroads

By Toni Lapp, Senior Editor

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the automated teller machine, an invention that former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker once called “the most important financial innovation [that] really helps people and prevents visits to the bank.” (more…)

American Banker and BAI Announce the 2016 Global FinTech Forward Rankings

October 10 –  American Banker and BAI have released the 2016 FinTech Forward rankings, including the full list of the Top 100 technology providers; the Top 25 enterprise companies in FinTech; and the FinTech Companies To Watch, innovative companies that represent the future of financial services technology.


Majority of Banks Failing to Meet Consumer Demand for Personalization

September 27 – Personetics, the leading provider of personalized digital guidance solutions for the financial industry, has released the industry’s first personalized banking benchmark, showing banks are falling drastically short of meeting consumer expectations for personalized financial guidance.


New Study Shows Banks Fall Short on Meeting Consumer Expectations for Personalized Relationships

April 18 – New research published by the Digital Banking Report reveals a series of gaps between consumers and financial institutions. The report shows that banks tend to overestimate how consumers view their relationships with financial institutions and fall short on delivering the level of personalized service and advice expected by consumers.


Banks Viewed as a ‘Utility’ by Majority of Consumers

July 6 – Many retail banks are missing the mark when it comes to creating meaningful connections with customers, according to a new study, which found less than one-third (31 percent) of customers feel their banks know them and their financial needs well. And nearly the same percentage (28 percent) says that their banks put their own interests ahead of customers’ needs found global market research firm GfK and Personetics, a leader in personalization technology for banks.


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