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ProfitStars Adds CECL DataStore and Validation to Financial Performance Suite

April 25 – Jack Henry & AssociatesProfitStars division has announced the availability of its CECL DataStore and Validation solution to provide financial institutions with an efficient way to meet the data collection tasks associated with Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) regulations.


ProfitStars Introduces Gladiator Incident Alert for Complex Risk Monitoring and Management

February 22 – Jack Henry & Associates, Inc., is a leading provider of technology solutions and payment processing services primarily for the financial services industry. Its ProfitStars division has announced the availability of Gladiator® Incident Alert for breach detection and notification.


ProfitStars Introduces Financial Performance Suite for 24/7 Access to Integrated Profitability and Loan Pricing

July 5 – Jack Henry & Associates’ ProfitStars® division has announced the ProfitStars Financial Performance SuiteSM. Designed to provide an integrated set of financial tools, this solution enables banks and credit unions to gain a single, concise view of data to better understand consumers and build effective pricing strategies for new transactions.


2016 ISA Entry – The Commercial Lending Center™ from ProfitStars®

The Commercial Lending Center makes it easy for financial institutions (FIs) of all sizes to accept commercial loan requests online, 24/7, with a superior workflow process and faster response times. ProfitStars hosts the online process, which is individually branded for the institution and accessible from their existing website.

With Commercial Lending Center, businesses can apply online anytime, anywhere and get to work with their local community bank. In turn, FIs can strengthen business relationships and grow loan portfolio both safely and confidently, while staying competitive in the online lending market.

The Commercial Lending Center offers financial institutions the following key benefits:

  • “Apply Now” or “Get Started” buttons along with the technology and support needed to provide a commercial lending website that’s accessible from any device.
  • Business customers submit their entire financial package in a secure manner and have visibility into the ratios that will determine their financial future.
  • A customizable sorting and filtering engine built to route each loan to the appropriate product and/or lender. Workflows are completely customized for your process.
  • Pipeline management gives senior management full vision into loans in the pipeline. All loan opportunities flow through the platform either via the web or manually through the lender side.
  • At any time, all authorized users can view a dashboard of the entire loan pipeline, including new originations and renewals. The pipeline may be sorted by lender, loan type, closing date, or loan status.
  • Marketing expertise, including customized materials along with best practices in social media, and search engine optimization provided through how-to guides that will assist you in driving loan business to your website.
  • For applicants who fail to meet a FIs predetermined underwriting guidelines, Commercial Lending Center allows the institution to automatically refer them to ProfitStars’ LendingNetwork®, a marketplace for viable, alternative loan options. The LendingNetwork offers financing from a group of more than 100 of the most dedicated, responsive alternative commercial providers in the industry, where borrowers find support through creative funding strategies while the FIs can continue to help the business grow without the risk of losing the overall relationship.


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ProfitStars’ Commercial Lending Center Meets Financial Institution Demand for Digital Lending Platform

June 1 – Jack Henry & Associates’ ProfitStars® division has announced several milestones for its Commercial Lending Center™, a hosted portal offering an expedited online loan application and management workflow experience to business borrowers.


ProfitStars Introduces ECS RDC Conversion

March 11 – Jack Henry & Associates, Inc., is a leading provider of technology solutions and payment processing services primarily for the financial services industry. Its ProfitStars® division has announced the availability of ECS RDC ConversionSM.


ProfitStars, ICBA Expand Preferred Service Provider Relationship

January 26 – Jack Henry & Associates’ ProfitStars division has announced the addition of Relationship Profitability Management™ (RPM) and Commercial Lending Center™ to the Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA) Preferred Service Provider program.


ProfitStars’ Banno Mobile Named a Leader by IDC MarketScape

June 26 – Jack Henry & Associates, Inc., is a leading provider of technology solutions and payment processing services primarily for the financial services industry. Its ProfitStars® division has announced that Banno Mobile™ was named a leader in the IDC MarketScape: North American Mobile Banking Software Solutions 2015 Vendor Assessment (doc #FI254706, March 2015).


2015 ISA ENTRY – ProfitStars EPS SmartPay Express™

ProfitStars® EPS SmartPay Express™, part of the Enterprise Payment Solutions (EPS) product suite, enables financial institutions to provide custom online payment and donation services for business customers. SmartPay Express processes payments in a hosted environment, managing the security and IT concerns for businesses. The platform provides a custom branded URL address and microsite for each business and supports single or recurring payments from:

  • Checking or savings accounts (processed as ACH transactions);
  • Credit or debit cards;
  • PayPal® accounts; and
  • PayNearMe™ cash payments

One of the many ways that SmartPay Express can help community banks become more efficient is by providing the banks’ merchants with a customizable, configurable payments page that works in conjunction with their primary website. It’s an ideal solution for businesses that want to enhance their online revenue streams or increase donations without paying for expensive website modifications.

Because SmartPay Express requires minimal technical setup, it can help both banks and merchants expand their capabilities. It’s perfect for business customers who do not have the IT resources to create an online payments option. ProfitStars also provides a hosted environment to process payments quickly and safely.

SmartPay Express can allow banks to better serve their customers by enabling merchants to choose to take single or recurring payments from checking accounts or credit/debit cards. Users can also take advantage of alternative payment methods such as PayPal or PayNearMe. Additional payment methods will be added to the solution as the payments landscape expands.

In summary, SmartPay Express is a customizable payments site that will fit into a bank’s existing payments strategy with ease. By allowing banks and their customers to set up a site that works best for them, SmartPay Express can serve as an efficient and effective tool that enables both entities to provide the highest level of customer service.


2015 ISA ENTRY – ProfitStars: Gladiator® Hosted Network Solutions™

Gladiator® Hosted Network Solutions™ (HNS) is an outsourced IT infrastructure solution that delivers network essentials (servers, storage, network, & operating systems) via JHA’s private cloud. The solution enables financial institutions (FIs) to reap the many cost & efficiency benefits associated with a hosted infrastructure model while leaving the burden of IT mgmt responsibilities to our IT, security, & compliance experts. Further, it allows FIs to repurpose IT resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

HNS is deserving of an Innovative Solutions Award for delivering the broad range of value & benefits to FIs as follows:

  1. FFIEC/OCC Oversight, Compliance, & Risk Avoidance
    All JHA hosted services are under direct FFIEC oversight. HNS transfers to our experts the risk of disaster avoidance, hardware replacement, & ensuring systems are not compromised.
  1. The Freedom to Stop Chasing Hardware & Shift IT Focus
    FIs find it increasingly difficult to implement & support their in-house IT infrastructures. HNS allows them to get off the ‘revolving technology wheel’ and let Gladiator take on the analysis, implementation, support, & risk of maintaining network hardware.
  1. Disaster Avoidance (DA)
    JHA has implemented one of the most robust DA processes in the industry, and this is the same methodology used for HNS. At least twice a year we transition from two data centers, operating from both sites for at least 45 contiguous days. This redundancy removes the risk of disaster recovery from the FI’s disaster planning equation. This is significant in the eyes of auditors.
  1. Consumption-Based Services with Dynamic Scaling
    HNS uses the consumption model based on the amount of resources being used at any given time. These services are metered, scaling up & down based on the applications being used or retired, delivering huge flexibility for optimal utilization of FI resources.




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