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Fed Announces Final Rule Establishing Risk-Management Standards for FMUs Designated as Systemically Important

July 30 – The Federal Reserve Board has approved a final rule establishing risk-management standards for certain financial market utilities designated as systemically important by the Financial Stability Oversight Council. The final rule also establishes requirements for advance notice of proposed material changes to the rules, procedures or operations of certain designated FMUs. FMUs, such as payment systems, central securities depositories, and central counterparties, provide the infrastructure to clear and settle payments and other financial transactions.


Fed Reaffirms Policy of Applying International Risk-Management Standards to Fedwire Funds, Fedwire Securities Services

July 20 – The Federal Reserve Board has reaffirmed its long-standing policy of applying relevant international risk-management standards to the Federal Reserve Banks’ Fedwire funds and Fedwire securities services. These services play a critical role in the financial system and in facilitating the safe and efficient settlement of private-sector financial market utilities.


FDIC Proposes New Guidance Over Marketplace Lending

August 9 – FDIC has proposed updates to its guidance regarding third-party lending. At least one industry observer is calling the proposals more “hurdles for bank partners of marketplace lenders.” (more…)

Maximize Working Capital and Fuel Business Growth

By Victor Sandy

In a competitive environment, or in situations where you are simply searching for ways to meet your client’s increasing funding requirements, the goal is to safely put more capital in your client’s hands. As you look for new ways to maximize working capital availability, consider the multipurpose financial tool known as accounts receivable insurance.


Risk Management: A Key Element of Corporate Governance

By Bob Browne

Like many practices in our industry, many risk-related activities evolved slowly as disjointed random processes that morphed into an increasingly more-important cohesive programs over time. Such is the case with risk management, which has emerged as a key element in effective corporate governance and is the foundation for the safe and sound operation of a bank.


A New Era in Enterprise Risk Management

By Toni Lapp

Which company should be held more liable? (more…)

Third-Party Service Provider Contracts: Don’t Just Accept, Negotiate!

By Lisa Micciche

Using third-party service providers can increase confidence and capacity for financial institutions, but a systems breach occurring at a third-party vendor can also create havoc for any bank that hasn’t considered the risks in advance.


FDIC Cuts Probation Period for De Novo Banks

April 11 –  Speaking at the FDIC’s Community Banking Conference April 6 in Arlington, Va., FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg backed up his faith in the future of community banks by announcing moves to encourage de novo charter applications. (more…)

CyberArk Webinar: Privileged Accounts Are the Common Thread in the World’s Most Damaging Cyber Attacks

January 27 – CyberArk, the company that protects organizations from cyber attacks that have made their way inside the network perimeter, has announced details of its upcoming global webinar, “What You Should Know About the Common Thread in the World’s Best Known Cyber Attacks…Privileged Accounts,” featuring guest speakers from IDC.


Sageworks Opens Registration for Risk Management Summit

January 27 – Sageworks, a financial information company that provides loan portfolio and risk management solutions to banks and credit unions, today announced the opening of registration for its 2016 Risk Management Summit. Set for Sept. 14-16 in Austin, Texas, the Summit is the premier banking conference covering the allowance for loan and lease losses (ALLL) and stress testing, and it will feature presentations from industry leaders, panels, roundtable discussions and networking opportunities. (more…)

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