2017 Innovative Solutions Awards

Authentication/Fraud/Cybersecurity Solution

Fiserv — Commercial Center: Security

As cyberattacks and data breaches continue to increase, financial institutions are increasingly embracing technology as the foundation for doing business, with a layered security program becoming paramount. Fiserv’s Commercial Center: Security is an important component of a multi-pillar security defense strategy. CCS reduces a customer’s exposure to risk and fraud by only allowing users to access websites via secured single sign-on. As using the browser prevents the user from accessing unauthorized websites, CCS is an effective prevention tactic to keep malware invasion and other cyber-attacks from succeeding.

CCS provides a next-generation, hardened secure browser that prevents malicious malware and cyber-attacks by preventing attackers from infiltrating a web session, as well as a rich user interface that enhances the customer experience and provides a rich marketing platform for the financial institution marketing. In addition, it provides a layered approach to security, including security tokens and multi-factor authentication, and built-in malware protection and protection via keyboard and data protection.

Safe Systems – Scout

Consulting/Outsourcing/Training Solution

ProfitStars — Gladiator Virtual Information Security Officer

In today’s cybersecurity environment, it can be difficult for regional and community banks to find — and maintain — personnel with the security expertise necessary to meet ever-changing regulatory, compliance and business-driven demands. Gladiator Virtual Information Security Officer from ProfitStars solves this problem by providing on-demand access to Gladiator-certified experts with the knowledge and experience to help them develop, implement and maintain a scalable information security program.

Gladiator vISO includes regular monthly or quarterly meetings with the Gladiator team to prioritize banks’ information security activities, and to discuss changes to the security landscape, regulatory concerns, overall security strategy and recommendations on topics to talk over with the board of directors. Seasoned security experts help banks define best security practices on an ongoing basis, helping ensure that proper reviews, reporting and testing are all completed efficiently and on time. This thorough collaboration and planning helps ensure that financial institutions’ operations are in line with their overall risk strategies.

CCG Catalyst Consulting Group – Catalyst 4-D
Econiq – The Conversation Hub

Digital Banking

StrategyCorps — BaZing 

BaZing is a rewards-based mobile app delivering value-added benefits like cell phone protection, roadside assistance, identity theft protection and much more to a bank’s customers. White-labeled to reflect each bank’s brand, the app uses its expansive geofenced merchant network to deliver location-based and user-managed push notifications directly to customers’ phones when there’s a nearby deal. BaZing also includes BaZing Local, a local merchant acquisition program, which partners with bankers to offer small business customers and other popular local merchants the opportunity to feature a discount in the BaZing app at no cost to the small business merchant other than the cost of the discount.

BaZing enables banks to extend their relevancy to customers beyond basic interactions inside a branch or traditional banking transactions in mobile banking. Enhanced non-traditional services and benefits enrich their customers’ day-to-day lives, and user-friendly, location-based push notifications of money-saving discounts actively remind customers of the value their bank is providing. Moreover, banks generate significant customer-friendly, recurring fee income.

Sageworks – Online Loan Application
CSI – Mobile Busing Banking App


Safe Systems – BCP Blueprint

In an effort to assist financial institutions with the development and maintenance of business continuity plans, often a time-consuming process that requires careful evaluation and ongoing insight into an institution’s critical processes, Safe Systems developed its BCP Blueprint application. BCP Blueprint helps banks streamline the BCP process, meet regulatory requirements and ensure the institution is well-equipped to recover from disruptions quickly and efficiently.

The BCP Blueprint application helps automate the BCP development and maintenance processes that have previously been done manually, eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheets and time-consuming data gathering and reporting activities. It also enables banks to make BCP an enterprise-wide process, rather than a compartmentalized one. BCP Blueprint supports the gathering of business recovery processes from each department head and the centralized management of plans, and helps remove any department bias of priorities to support a more accurate assessment of risk for the institution. It also includes comprehensive reporting to help guide the process and keep the entire BCP team up-to-date on the status of the plan.

CoNetrix – tandem Security & Compliance Software
Baker Hill – NextGen
360 View – The Growth Platform for Banks and Credit Unions

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