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AccuSystems, Inc. – Loan Participation Module (for AccuAccount)

Participation loans create value for your financial institution and the other banks involved in the process. However, many banks struggle with the administrative aspects of loan participations. Gathering, disseminating, and tracking downstream and upstream documentation requires a significant investment in man-hours. That is, unless you have the loan participation module for AccuAccount.


Wela Launches Financial Advice App Pairing Artificial Intelligence with Real Advisors

April 27 – Wela’s free mobile app is changing the way financial advice is delivered by pairing real financial advisors with artificial intelligence (AI) through the personification of its digital advising algorithm, Benjamin. The first true digital advisor, Benjamin utilizes AI to track users’ daily, weekly and monthly spending habits and provides personalized advice based on their financial needs and goals. Unlike other free consumer finance apps on the market, Wela pairs AI capabilities with a human touch, offering access to real financial advisors via phone, video chat or in-person at no additional cost. (more…)

Digital, Branch, Drive-Through or ATM? Yes, Please! Say Bank Customers

As retail banks continue to brace for the digital future, branches are still having a significant effect on customer satisfaction across all customer age groups, according to the J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study, just released.


IDology Announces Digital Authentication Solutions for Mobile

April 25 – IDology, a leader in multi-layered identity verification and fraud prevention, today announced the addition of two innovative digital authentication solutions, ExpectID Mobile Authentication and ExpectID Secure SMS, to its fully integrated platform. The new solutions are designed to help companies increase customer success in the digital environment and securely authenticate new and existing customers, while eliminating factors that negatively impact the customer experience. 


Cyber Resilience: Make a Practice of Revisiting Assumptions

By Jeff Mansir

Over time and through experience, we have learned that cyber-attacks will happen, some will be successful, and the ability to recover from a successful attack is something that must be considered and addressed. Defensive measures should no longer realistically be expected to safeguard an information network alone. An attack will happen; what will you do when it does?


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