2018 Innovative Solutions Award Winners Announced!

November 1 — At BankNews, we understand how hard community banks strive to serve the needs of their customers while navigating increasingly complicated regulations and technologies. Yet, these financial firms are not alone — noteworthy vendors support community banks through an array of products and services. With our 11th annual Innovative Solutions Awards, we acknowledge the contributions of the best-of-the-best firms make to independent and community banks.

“We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2018 BankNews Innovative Solutions Awards,” said Bill Poquette, editor-in-chief. “Now in their 11th year, these awards let our readers — those who are best equipped to evaluate the many new software offerings launched annually — choose the best of the lot.”

This year’s winners are as follows:

Digital Banking (Online/Mobile/Tablet) Solution

Winner: Mirador — The Mirador Platform

Mirador’s leading digital lending platform powers a new type of relationship between small businesses and lenders, enabling banks to decision loans in 24 hours or less. Benefits of the Mirador platform include:

  • Less than 10-minute application time versus traditional 30+ hours
  • 60 percent average applicant pull through rate versus industry average of 25 percent
  • 30 percent average loan volume growth
  • 69 percent reduction in bank time spent on SMB loans

Most recently, Mirador also added auto-decisioning and business credit-card loans support. Mirador now supports nine loan types, which means the company has the most comprehensive loan coverage of any other digital lending platform. With the launch of auto-decisioning, Mirador is also the first digital lending platform with an auto-decision engine seamlessly connected to the digital loan application.

Honorable Mentions: 

Kasasa — Kasasa Loan

Zafin Cloud

Management/Operations/Processing Solution

Winner: Integrated Legacy Solutions — OmniView Browser

Through its flagship product, OmniView Browser, ILS has designed an innovative software approach to “migrate” data and images acquired through M&A or system changes without requiring costly and time consuming conversion of data. OmniView eliminates the need for traditional data and image conversions by allowing financial institutions to connect to any check image, document and report archive, without keeping the legacy system, from a standard web browser, as an alternative to traditional data conversion.

Over the past year, ILS’ OmniView product underwent a full rewrite to HTML5, and data base archive engine security and compression change, replacing the product’s existing version of Mongo DB and Silverlight technology. The new OmniView boasts increased response time, as well as a new OmniSearch feature to search across the entire data set of check cold reports, statements, documents and images within one system.

Honorable Mentions: 

Safe Systems — Audit Trail

SRM — Tracking, Auditing and Benchmarking (TAB) Platform

Equipment/Hardware Solution

Winner: Gemalto Biometric Sensor Payment Card

With biometric authentication becoming more commonplace across mobile devices, banking and payment applications, consumers and banks alike have grown more comfortable with using biometrics in place of PINs, passwords and signatures.

The snag often arises in pairing the promise of biometrics with a payment form factor familiar enough that consumers will actually use it. The Gemalto Sensor Payment Card does just that by integrating an unobtrusive fingerprint biometric sensor into an EMV payment card to securely authenticate the cardholder at the point of sale.

From a technical perspective, the Biometric Sensor Payment Card is always powered by the terminal and doesn’t require an embedded battery, so there’s no limit on battery life — a major knock on mobile payments — nor on the number of transactions it can complete. Maximum privacy is ensured by a secure in-branch enrollment process and on-card storage of sensitive reference biometric information, rather than in a remote database somewhere. Personal data remains in the hand of the end user.

Honorable Mention:

Futurex — Encrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Authentication/Fraud/Cybersecurity Solution

Winner: EZShield Mobile App

With identity fraud victims more than doubling since 2013, EZShield has made innovative additions to their mobile app to provide customers the ultimate level of visibility into their identity protection. Designed as an added layer of assistance of today’s mobile-savvy banking customer, EZShield’s app provides users with an extensive suite of fraud and identity theft protection services right at their fingertips.

Utilizing encrypted access and triple-layer security, EZShield enables banking customers on any smartphone or tablet to:

  • Instantly manage alerts
  • Maintain on-the-go management of their secure online wallet and vault-stored information, including access to their encrypted passwords
  • Streamline uploading important documents such as licenses, payment cards and passports

Honorable Mentions: 

Safe Systems — Rogue Actor Detection (RAD)

Network Threat Protection by CoNetrix Technology

Consulting/Outsourcing/Training Solution

Winner: Boost Consulting by CoNetrix Security

Boost Consulting by CoNetrix Security brings information security and compliance assistance to financial institutions. Our professional consultants are qualified information security experts in the financial industry. With Boost Consulting, CoNetrix provides information security knowledge and expertise, along with tools that improve information security processes and controls and reduce the burden of maintaining compliance.

Boost Consulting can assist with the following services:

  • Incident response and BCP testing
  • Audit and exam assistance
  • Strategic planning
  • Security awareness training, including phishing testing and education
  • Annual oard reporting
  • Independent external perimeter network scans
  • Consulting services for security committee meetings
  • Cybersecurity assessment consulting and training
  • Full information security program development and/or maintenance
  • Information security risk assessment
  • Business continuity planning
  • Information security policies
  • Vendor management

Honorable Mentions: 

ath Power Consulting — ath Power Social Media Monitoring

CCG Catalyst Consulting — Catalyst 4-Dtm

Congratulations to these honorees, and thank you to all the vendors for their participation and to all the voters for casting their online ballots,” Poquette said.

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