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Does the HMDA’s Database Need More Transparency?

After gathering a sample of more than 1.7 million mortgage applicants from 2016 who were either approved for denied for a mortgage, the Clever Real Estate research team discovered something unsettling: 26 percent of African-American applicants were denied mortgages, compared to 10 percent of white applicants. Even when controlling for income, the researchers believe that racial discrepancies still exist.


Video Banking Offers Extension of Financial Services to New Locations

A number of financial institutions are turning to video banking technology to extend their services finds London-based RBR’s Teller Automation and Branch Technology 2019 report. This trend is particularly strong in rural areas, the research found.


Why Do So Many Financial Institutions Avoid SBA Lending?

By Kylee Wooten

Loans guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration represent an underutilized growth engine for financial institutions. With proper planning and the utilization of technology, SBA lending can boost customer acquisitions and deposits. It can also drive other areas of business banking while providing meaningful solutions to customers. Sounds great, right? So why are only 15.4 percent of all financial institutions in the U.S. active SBA lenders? How can we get more participation from banks and credit unions across the country? Many argue that SBA lending is complicated, and while that’s true, it’s actually a good thing.


Podcasting: Branding Through Conversation Attracting Attention

By Cara Roberts Murez

In southeastern Wisconsin, residents of Racine and Kenosha can tune in to hear about a fundraiser to build a concession stand at a local school’s baseball fields. They can catch an interview with a leader from the Small Business Development Center. Or they can learn about changes at the area humane society.


5 Critical Questions Security Leaders Need to be Ready to Answer

Organizations across the world face a new risk paradigm: one that encompasses cyber and physical threats. We’ve heard the stories associated with ATM skimming, identity theft, data breaches, scams and phishing. Large financial services organizations are often the victim of hackers looking to steal corporate information and transactional data or funds, and criminals continue to become more sophisticated in their approach.

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