Artificial Intelligence to Reach Human-Level Intelligence by 2040

Since AI’s inception in 1956, in the form of “a machine that could think,” AI continues to evolve and impact society, businesses and humanity. Its cognitive tools have systematically reshaped how people and companies interact and possess the power to radically transform business exchanges and human capabilities.

Now, according to a recent analysis from NEORIS (Miami, Fla.), published in the firm’s Artificial Intelligence: Rethinking Humanity’s Evolution report, analysts expect that by 2040 the world will see an AI-triggered transcendental shift on humanity’s evolution.

“Research and current advancements tell us that the future of AI will be less artificial and more intelligent. AI will inevitably either reach human-level intelligence or cause human parity,” said Anthony DeLima, head of digital transforamtion and chief technology officer at NEORIS.

Super-Intelligence Transforms Businesses

“Beyond humanity, AI’s impact on the way enterprises do business will become most visible in the next few decades across most industries,” DeLima explained.

  • AI converts discrete manufacturing into an interactive business model that enables customers to be active participants in product design, engineering and production.
  • In financial services, AI and blockchain open the door to a new generation of personalized banking, accelerating the launch of new value chains and revenue streams.
  • Telecom networks benefit from AI solutions that learn through corrective actions to make independent decision related to complex scenarios improving the customer journey.

The report, which can be downloaded here, also explores the merger of human and synthetic intelligence; the global scale of superpowers that drive economic and social revolutions; the risk associated with its adoption; and workforce developments that are replacing routine jobs, raising ethical concerns and social divide.

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