Battle Against the Bots

Sunnyvale, Calif. //

Cequence Security is rolling out Cequence ASP, an application security platform designed to provide effective, scalable defense against the growing number of bot attacks affecting the hyper-connected organizations of today.

“From a bad actor’s perspective, geo-distributed bot attacks are relatively easy to plan and execute,” said Larry Link, president and CEO of Cequence. “For that reason, malicious bots are becoming the new no. 1 attack threat facing every organization that leverages web, mobile and API apps for business processes and customer engagement.”

Built on a distributed, extensible, open software platform, the highly-automated Cequence ASP uses a patent-pending analytics engine, CQAI, to combine applied artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioral analysis to deliver three key values to users:

  • The solution automatically discovers all web, mobile and API applications deployed across the entire organization, providing insight into critical assets that must be protected.
  • Metadata from client-server traffic flowing across the organization is continuously ingested, correlated and analyzed in real time by the CQAI engine to automatically determine the source, target and intent of potentially malicious attacks.
  • Once an attack is confirmed, the platform can immediately and automatically end the attack by applying multiple policy-based mitigation techniques, including blocking, deception, rate limiting and more.

“These automation capabilities deliver important bot defense, but we also wanted to focus on improving the productivity of IT security teams,” said Shreyans Mehta, chief technology officer and co-founder of Cequence. “The CQAI engine helps improve productivity, but we’ve also eliminated the tedious, time-consuming task of dealing with JavaScript injections and SDK modifications for each web and mobile application. This outdated process is still a requirement of first-generation bot defense products and can waste hundreds of hours each year.”

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